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Website opens in mobile view, while it shouldn't

  • Hi,

    I'm running Opera 25 on Windows 8.1.U1 x64 and having the mentioned problem. Some websites open surprisingly in mobile view while they are supposed to open in desktop view. The same link opens fine in either IE, Firefox, or Chrome. Once Opera receives the link, it automatically assume mobile and switch the link.

    I think it may be issues with the websites themselves rather than Opera. That is, the developer assumed Opera agent to be only mobile. Can I do anything to change agent and fake the website?

    One example of this is this website:


  • OK, I've used the addon User-Agent Switcher which fixed this.

    Please close the thread.

  • Please close the thread.

    Please don't.

    How did it happen in the first place? What do you think?

  • The situation has been resolved. The thread should be closed.

  • The situation has been resolved.

    Not at all...

    How did it happen in the first place?


    The thread should be closed.

    Not at all!:sherlock:

  • The OP resolved HIS problem. He asked that the thread be closed. YOU are trolling here as you are in so many other threads... looking to stir up as much trouble as you possibly can. What "is" your problem?

  • Well, as you can't see the point, let it be this way: if the user do not answer the question how it happened within a certain period of time, the thread sinks and, unless the site carers haven't done any improvements to the search by then, it [the topic] becomes unsearchable. So it'll be an easy solution then to just DELETE the thread.
    But as long as NOW we're having a new issue with the browser on our hands, it won't be any sane at all to just shut the discussion up.

  • The thread will not be deleted in any event. The thread "should" be closed, plain and simple. Evidently that seems to be beyond your grasp.

  • The 'new' issue is browser sniffing maybe, the site's owner should be contacted.

  • But we do not KNOW the cause - the user *:zip:*s like a partisan under questioning...

  • I think the answer is fairly obvious from my reading of the first two posts.
    The OP is almost certainly correct that the site author has assumed (wrongly) that Opera is mobile only, and has set their site to serve the mobile version if Opera is detected from its user-agent string.
    The OP has used the User-Agent Switcher extension to mask Opera as being another browser, and the site now works correctly.
    The site owner just needs to be told of their mistake, that's the cause!