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  • Hi!
    Opera generates VERY often the site "Web site not available - can't find the web site" or something like that. I have a swedish version so I don't know exactly what it says in english. It has nothing to do with a server that is not available because the site I want to see is nearly always available when using another (Google Chrome) web reader.
    I am considering to abandon Opera as web reader for that reason but maybe there is a cure...

  • What's your version of Opera?
    Some particular site?

  • 25.0
    No particular sites but often items to klick on in facebook, but even sites I visited before...

    1. What was (were) the error number(s) (if any)?
    2. Did you check those sites with something like this at the occurrence(s)?
    3. Do you have any proxies or the Turbo mode enabled?
  • Thanxs for answering!

    1. No error numbers only the text page not available, often when someone likes my posting and I want to see it I get that message. Entering my fb page by clicking my same never causes "page not available".
      Using another web reader and clicking the same like alert mostly shows the posting...
    2. I don't think that is the problem as I wrote at 1)
    3. I'm not so technic. I just use Opera as it is when I got it... Surely no turbo
  • There are sites and there are sites, right?

    Is it that some sites are always working for you, while there are some that behave bad in a way. Is it?

    If the "bad" sites' list is limited/finite - what are they?
    If it's only/mostly Facebook (or among a few), I tend to assume that those are Facebook issues - it happens time to time when certain privacy parameters combine with some transitory inconsistencies or glitches, maybe due to that site's frequent updates/development.

    Aww, I talk too much, I need 🍺... :cheers:
    Want some?

  • Well I will of course see how these problems will continue, but as I wrote facebook only complicates within opera!