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  • How in h*ll does one disable the error console? (Sorry for the language but this has not made for a happy camper.)

    The error console has become a real PITA as every site (including,
    throws errors. Not only do pages take forever to load (literally over a minute each), but the popup console window keeps blocking legitimate windows.

    I have looked (many times), through all the options in the UI. The only one I found turns it on - [Tools | Advanced | Error Console] - but nothing to turn it
    off. Neither did I find anything in About:config.

    The "Advanced Documentation" page is anything but: Web specs, JS, CMD line,
    version history, User CSS, etc but absolutely nothing on user preferences or options. Not even a category.

    Searching on was extremely frustrating as most of the help links just go around in circles without offering anything substantial. I finally stumbled upon an old developer tools page that listed categories for "Advanced Preferences" Again, everything EXCEPT "error console".

    Do I have to reinstall Opera to turn error console off?

  • I'm assuming Opera 12.
    Did you check Tools>Preference Settings>Advanced>Content>Javascript Options?
    Un-checking "open console on error" there should do it.

  • Like I said, I looked at all the options, including advanced, many times (and I am sure the JS options as well), but did not see a thing. Since there is, (magically), now such a setting I can only assume that the gremlins :devil: were hiding it from me. So, thank you for getting the gremlins to back off. Yes, that works. 🆙

    However, I do have a gripe about the UI. Turning an enable option in one near top level location and putting the disable in a totally different location (and five levels down to boot!), is NOT the way to run a railroad.

    Opera used to be a well designed, innovative and useable browser but it is getting less and less so with each new iteration. Sad.

    Again, Thank you for your help.

  • I believe I'm right in saying that "open console on error" should be disabled by default, so how it got enabled on your setup is a bit of a mystery.
    Glad you fixed it anyway!

  • It was turned off in setup. I had turned it on for some diagnostics and then couldn't turn it off.

  • Ah!