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help me youtube Does not work on opera mini

  • i have nokia x2 dual sim (nokia platform 2.1) when i When I want to run any video on you tube say error loading page. cannot play video???

  • Just checking to make sure, is this the new Android based X2 or the old Nokia X2 from 2010-2012 ?.

    Does it work via other browsers on your Nokia X2.

  • yes the new x2 android!!! and yes works on opera browser but not works on opera mini.I want to make it work on the opera mini cuz it is fast and i use single column view please help me

  • Opera Mini does not support playing video, flash or otherwise. The best that Opera Mini can do is pass on the video to an installed media player or the youtube app.

  • when i use facebook i press on youtube links to watch it I do not care picture quality Is there a program solves this problem please answer me

  • Better , try to use Opera browser for Android . it's the best browser for watching videos 🙂

  • to expand on what khizaimar86 said, the best solution is to use opera for android or opera beta with the off-road feature enabled.
    this gives you at least some of the speed and data usage improvements of opera mini without blocking embedded videos.

  • youtube does not suported in my operamini 8 browser.if i try to view a video the reasult is sorry this is not can i watch video in my operamini8

  • Nokia 206 Opera mini 8.0 Sorry, this is not

  • same issue since yesterday...
    Samsung Gt-B2710;operamini;youtube: Sorry, this is not supported.
    It was working daybefore!

  • Look, guys. Just claiming the phone doesn't have a video player built in is BS.
    My v9x was working also, days before, and I guess from the 21st (?) on, the folks at Google have decided to screw Opera Mini's servers.

    Curiously, UC Browser is working fine. Meaning I can watch videos using UC Browser in case you weren't listening.

    I STRONGLY prefer Opera Mini. Does anyone in this camp have any power of persuasion with the tech folks at google? Because the sure seem to like screwing over people like me who like "retro" phones!!

  • ‏‎YouTube last week's peace does not work for me, and before that worked for me has to someone a solution? I have a Version 8‎

  • Okay, this "SORRY THIS IS NOT SUPPORTED" thing is bullshit. It's not Opera, it's Google. Another competitor browser (probably with many security issues!) is working fine.

  • you can use older versions

  • so, what is the solution to 'sorry, this is not supported'?

  • I tried opera android v.21 doesnt work too. Then update to v.29 and thats working till now but 1 missing features is i cant download youtube directly from opera.
    But other tube website still working & can be downloaded.
    Ussually i use site: in pc/laptop, but opera android didnt worked.

    I now understand, its google itself blocking using old version. Yah bussines struglle i think.

    Opera is most android browser i use, still can work with 50 tabs opened no lag (if u have big gb space internal).

    I surely missed feature for save to .mht file that can be open in pc. hope opera will added that offline savefile features