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The most recent Opera is ... ? I don't know.

  • Hello all. I am new here less than 24 hours as an Opera user and much less here in the "community." So far I am loving the browser. Fast, no-nonsense, lightweight and effective. Just what I was looking for.
    Here is what I've got:
    Version: 18.0.1284.68 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 32-bit

    So with v. 18.0.1284.68 my Opera is up-to-date. But what about 19, 20, Opera Next, Opera Developer; where do those fit in? What is the most current and u-t-d version?

    Also, a small annoyance for me is that with my setup, the Opera/Menu button in the far NW corner of my monitor is missing 2/3 of its form. (See attached) It is fully functional -- more of an aesthetic thing for me. Is this fixable in Opera's settings? I'm sure I can adjust my theme, appearances, etc. in W7 ... just curious. Thanks for reading and replying.
    Take care,

  • Welcome to the forums. This is how the button is meant to look.

    Opera 18 is the Final version, Opera 19 is the Next version, and Opera 20 is the Developer version, and the least stable.

    You can keep track of developments via the Desktop Team Blog.

    :idea: Upload images to Your File Storage and use the icons above the message reply box to insert the relevant code. Files on your hard drive won't display here. 🙂

  • Love the clear, concise answers. Glad to hear that the button is intended to be as it is -- it's less of a peeve already.

    Thank you so much.

  • Technically, the most recent OPERA would be 12.16... but if you can live with the pathetic crippleware known as Chrome with and Opera logo slapped on it any old way...

  • Technically the most recent version of the now-discontinued Presto Opera is 12.16 whereas the most recent version of Opera is 18.

  • Does the shiny metallic version of Opera come with the useful stuff yet - built-in content blocker, best password saver in the business, the ability to move the tabs to the bottom, to show the menu as a "normal old-fashioned" menu? Does Opera Link work with it?

  • Technically, there is no Opera 18 for Linux, so Opera 12.16 is the most recent version no matter what for those people. 😉

    No, no, no, no. And no, not really yet.

  • @missingno - thanks for the update

    Bloody shame 😞 I have copies of Opera all over the place and I love that they all stay in sync with each other... especially the passwords thing.

    I guess I shall keep waiting & hoping that the Opera dev team bring over some of the brilliant stuff they did before they dumped Pesto.

  • Someone actually using Opera 15+ may correct me, though - about content blocker, my guess is it will be extension only. Passwords are saved, but in a Chrome manner. Being able to put tabs at the bottom may come, although I bet it is on very low priority, "old-fashioned" menu probably not at all. And you can log in to Opera Link website, but that's not what I call "work with it". However, the dev team should be working at least on this one.