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Something crashing Opera 12.17 for the past few days here

  • Win 8.1 Pro x64, last MS updates on 10/14. For the past few days, Opera 12.17* has been crashing here randomnly on graphics and video pages. Going through what's been installed since the MS update, and doing some uninstalls, disables and system restores to try to isolate the problem, hasn't turned up anything that makes obvious sense. Here's what I've installed since the MS update:

    • FF33
    • Adobe AIR plugin
    • O&O Defrag Pro
    • Java 8 Update 25 (32/64 bit) - disabled in Opera and other browsers
    • Adobe Flash Player 15 update (15.0.189), tho it seems unlikely
    • AMD Catalyst Install Mgr w/ MS Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x64) 11.0.50727 - uninstalled, crashes cont'd, then reinstalled

    The last crash occurred just now on the following page, well after it loaded (the crash box showed this page):

    Since I don't see anything here that's likely, except perhaps Flash Player, tho that was run through a beta, does anyone have any other ideas and see anything in the MS update that might be at issue? Thanks,

  • Maybe it's this? Though so far, I'm the only one the crashing is happening to. Still, see if this setting has changed for you (very likely it has) and see if setting it back (just SSL3 and TLS1) does the trick. Note that it won't stay set for long unless you take blocking measures. Of course, what you're seeing just may be a poorly-timed coincidence with the change mentioned in the other thread.

  • Thanks. The timing does make sense. I'm giving the the set backs a try.

  • did you resolve the crashing problem?
    its happening here also like 20 times a day, after installing win 8.1.
    without any kind of causality..

    i tried also the 32 bit version, but the same.
    using opera 12.17