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Bug report : sound problem due to CPU usage ?

  • Hello !

    Just a bug report.
    I'm using opera 25.0.1614.50 on Windows 7 64 bits.
    My config is Intel i7 2640QM (4x2GHz), 8GB RAM.

    I have noticed that, since the update from 24 to 25, sound problems appear.
    When I'm listening to music with Deezer / Soundcloud / VLC plugin (embedded) and never more than 6 tabs opened, the sound is sometime cut or blocked, as if the last 20 ms are repeated during 2 sec (like triangle wave noise).
    When it happens, there is a peak in one core of my CPU.

    I have an other problem with sharepoint.com : when I upload a picture on the website, the progress bar displays random values, then Opera freezes and crash.

    My sound problem seems to happen when a tab displays sharepoint, I have to check that.

  • EDIT : the problem is not due to sharepoint. It seems when i'm loading pages. For example : now i have two tabs : Youtube and this page. To go to the forum menu, the sound has been cut during the loading.

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