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Couple of famous webSItes doesn't open well...

  • Hello

    I don't understand what i happening.

    Google+ is not opening at all:
    Problem loading Google+
    There was a problem loading the Google+ CSS. Please double check your network connection and try reloading in a few minutes.

    Facebook doesn't work well, Twitter doesn't work well. Youtube comments under the videos are not showing properly.
    All of these webSItes opens well in IE Browser...

    Is the support of this browser continouing, or we shoud switch to some other browser?

    I have send message to the support, but didn't get any respond. Coud you give me some hints if i am not doing something correctly??


  • What's your Opera?

  • Version
    Windows 7

  • Try here for the YouTube problem -
    Fixed it for me!
    There's no need to change your Opera version BTW, 12.17 is fine!

  • Thanks i will check it out.

    I was just wondering, why these issues are not fixed. The facebook and twitter problem is not from yesterday. It's been there from few months maybe...

    Also i can't post in some forums, that i am registered in..

    There seems to be some issues and they are not fixed. Maybe i shoud switch to Opera 10 or 9.. I don't remember problems, when i was using the older versions..

  • I don't use Twitter, but Facebook works OK for me in 12.17, although the page loading is slow.
    I don't have any problems posting in forums.

  • Issues with 12.17 won't get fixed since they abandoned the presto engine.

    You don't remember having problems with older versions because they were actively being worked on when you were using it to fit the standards from those days.
    Website are evolving and some things change which explain why older version don't support every features from todays website and the problems you're seeing.

    There is also the problem of some website actively blocking certain browsers in which case masking as another browser helps fixing that problem.

    So you either need to find workarounds(like the proposed youtube fix), switch to an actively developed browser or live with the problems.

  • i see... Thanks for the help guys 🙂


  • btw. Here is explanation of how can the google+ problem be fixed on IE. Coud you tell me please, how i can achive this in Opera?

    FIX: Go to Settings (Gear button) > Compatibility View Settings > Add to the list. Done.