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Opera is acting weird (or buggy?)

  • So, my problem is that Opera is acting weird, or buggy.
    With weird, I mean it's pinned on the taskbar, however it still creates another icon for Opera: (and sorry for not posting this image in-topic, I don't know how to do it.)
    Before Opera 25.0 update, it didn't do that.

    Something it's also been bugging me, is that Opera sometimes stays ALWAYS behind other programs.
    It doesn't always happen, but when it does, the only way I can bring it up again, is by closing and opening Opera again.
    I've looked through the settings and found nothing about this.

    I'd be glad if someone can help, with either problem.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Oh yes, I know what you mean. Have these issues happening here too.
    the biggest issue I have right now, I have no clue how to report these things really as "error-console" I can not find, and I can't find the reports and logs.

    I feel really left alone, and everything is breaking apart in my hands.

  • It really sucks, I wish we could come up with a solution ASAP...

  • Unpin the Opera icon. Open Opera, then right click it in the task bar and select to pin.
    Or try to pin the launcher.exe

  • That fixed the Pin problem, thanks.
    I'm still curious about it staying behind ALL windows at certain times, resulting in having me to close and open Opera again.