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Opera 24 and 25 completely freezes my pc

  • Hello guys, I'm an aficioned Opera user (started using it years and years ago and never abandoned).
    I finally decided to migrate from Opera 12, to New Opera + Opera mail, since it's some month now that some complex sites just don't work anymore with the old Opera (say a famous one..Facebook).

    But I have a big, big problem : It just happens (seems randomly, but OFTEN), that new opera versions completely hang and freeze my pc..and I have to force the shut off, or hard reset..!!!

    -Sometimes it happens immediately, screen freezed (mouse too), can't do nothing but hard reset;
    -Sometimes it gives me some kind of subtle "alert", because it freezes for some second and restarts working..then I need to hurry and restart the pc, or it will hang and totally freeze in 1-2 minutes;
    -Sometimes it even causes blue screens of death !!

    I am 100% sure that it is new opera : it's monthes that this happens, I believed it was a fault of Opera 24, and waited a new version to see if it was resolved, but new Opera 25 does this too (it hanged 3times already in 2 days)...If I uninstall them, the pc works perfectly fine. If I reinstall and use the new opera..ONLY WHEN USING OPERA..the pc freezes.

    Is it a known issue? Can it be dependant on the fact that I have had both Opera installed on the pc (12.17 and new version) ??

  • I've used every version of the new Blink browser and never experienced any forced shut-downs so I can only assume that it has something to do with your configuration. Do you have extensions and if so have you tried disabling them?

  • Can it be dependant on the fact that I have had both Opera installed on the pc (12.17 and new version) ??

    Not likely.
    What are your hard specs?
    Then - when you installed nuOpera, did you notice any strange behaviour or warnings/warning dialogues? Did you install it from a trusted site?
    Yes, and which is your OS exactly?

  • The newer Opera versions use computer hardware somewhat differently than did the Opera from years ago (12.xx or lower)... initially in most cases, less RAM and more 'processes'. Can you describe how old your computer is, its processor type, how much RAM it has, and its Operating System? Also, does this happen with just a single tab open, and does the page(s) to which Opera is set contain Flash material? As @leushino has asked, do you have extensions placed into Opera?

  • I have the same problem, I've noticed that when I open opera (Version: 25.0.1614.50) the computer freezes and no longer could do nothing more and with the mouse or keyboard, the keyboard worked sometimes a few seconds and pressing alt + f4 could close opera and there and everything was returning to normal.

  • Two people with the same problem, but not one of them mentions the computer hardware they are running Opera on. Strange, very strange.

  • New versions of apps use more hardware resources, which causes problems when there are "hidden" hardware faults that get uncovered. Possibly that or there's Malware running?

    Although old, this guide may prove helpful:

  • sorry for the late coming guys, I had some very busy day.
    Here's now on the anwers : My pc is some year old but still pretty powerful I believe :
    Intel I7 860
    4gb ram
    raid 0 dual sata disk with plenty of free space
    Windows 7 with a quite old installation (I mean, years!), but all still works quite well, I'm used to keep my pc clean (what a wonderful Os win7 is).

    The crashes I experienced came in 2 different periods, to be more precise :
    when first came out the "new" chromium based opera it was all good and well (can't say for how much time), I kept installed both 12.17 and new one, but really never used the new one a lot..12.17 was still my main browser..I used the "new" only for websites not working properly on the old one.
    with Opera 24 I noticed it started freezing the pc, like I said in my first post.

    I tried obviously to uninstall and reinstall, but with no result, so I came to the end decision to whipe opera 24 from my pc.

    I've then done some month with only Opera 12.17, but then some often-used website started hanging on the old Opera (Facebook), so I decided to try again the new opera..and it just went out Opera 25..installed by mantaining the old Opera..BANG, again the freezes, and this is the moment when I decided to come here and write .

    BUT THEN..Took my courage with both hands and decided to uninstall old opera, and keep only Opera25 + Opera mail.

    Wanna know ? It is from that day that the pc doesn't freeze anymore..(it's since october 19).
    I will keep my eyes opened and report to you if in the next days still works well , of it starts hanging again..I really wish not.

    Anyway for now the only relation I can see with the freezes, is the simultaneous installation of both opera on the pc (and pay attention..not necessarily running both at the same time..also running only the NEW one caused the freezes..instead, running only the old 12.17 never caused freezes, even if both old and new were installed).

    Wish it can help someone else with my situation.

  • My computer appears to freeze on occasion too >> BUT what I have noticed when this happens that the HDD light is solid ON. Even trying to do a CTRL-ALT-DEL to get to the Task Manager (TM) is difficult - takes a long time. So, what is going on here?

    I notice that Opera has ELEVEN listings in the TM and a LOT of memory (collectively 310+MB) is being used >>> WHY? This is true even when you first start the program and with only the single basic tab showing. All of those are set for 'normal' priority according to the TM. BUT, Opera is decidedly THE cause for what appears to be a crash. If you are patient, the 100% disk access eventually - eventually - times out and things return to normal. Opera itself has NEVER crashed on my computer. I'm running version 25.0.1614.50.

    I do not use Opera for e-mail or chats or anything but Internet browsing. I'm running WIN 8.1 64-bit on a relatively new Samsung all-in-one with 8GB RAM and lots of HDD space and it has NO other problems.

    If I do not run Opera, I never see any other 100% disk usage except on startup.

    Seems to me that Opera is over-riding ANY other function or access when this happens.

    There is OBVIOUSLY an issue that needs to be found and resolved.