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Opera 12.17. Bookmark folders disappeared

  • Hello folks,

    I'm no computer expert and have a huge problem right here.

    I still used Opera 12.17 for the sidebar. Now all my folders with hundreds of bookmarks just disappeared for no reason.
    The bookmarks I didn't save into folders are still here.
    I didn't delete them (checked trash), didn't update anything, didn't rearrange panels, didn't change anything in the system folders.
    Everything was gone when I opened Opera one time, there wasn't even a reboot between the folders in place and now.

    When I looked at the bookmarks.adr it also doesn't show the folders (only trash folder). Does anyone have any idea what could've happened?


  • I encountered a similar thing once when I tinkered something in settings - I don't remember now what exactly; when I remember - I'll tell you.
    Most of my bookmarks at the moment were crap to some extent, so a slightly outdated bookmarks backup saved the situation quite enough.
    Have a backup? :sherlock:
    Yeah, that never happened again...
    What did you do with the browser just before that happened?

  • I had it once, too. But that was just a panel problem. As soon as I had the sidebar back the folders were there, too.
    Now the bookmarks I didn't have in folders are still in my sidebar. Just the folders are gone which makes it strange.

    I remember I had an Avira alert today. Put some Kazy thingy in quarantine but I'm 99% that I came across that googling for a solution to this problem. So it's not related.

    I didn't do anything unusual, especially nothing in the system. And if so, the folders should still be in the bookmarks.adr.

    What I did a little earlier was save a youtube video to the bookmarks. That's the most exciting thing I did with Opera today.

    What seems weird is that I cannot find the folders anymore anywhere at all.

  • You tried the system "explorer"? The trash cans?

  • Might seem dumb but whats the system "explorer"?

    1. "What's".

    I F don't know its English name for the stupid Americans who wrote this piece of crap aka Windows thought users would never need to switch interface languages! ;_;

    When you ()ng click "Start", there's a "Find" item - it's "Files and Folders" from there (must be).

  • Actually I would need the German translation 😃

    However, I searched the whole PC for bookmarks, bookmarks.adr, opera6.adr, opera6adr.bak, every .bak and every .adr file.

    I checked everything in an editor. It always just shows the few lousy bookmarks I have right now as if that's supposed to be status quo. THE HECK OPERA???

    Is there any chance something just deleted my folders for no reason and it's gone for good or at least nowhere to be found again? Is that even possible?

  • Unless it's Lucy or Devil's do, something must've caused it.

  • Alright. It defo wasn't me.

    However, for the afterlife here's my solution:

    My only chance was a previous version of the bookmarks.adr 19 hours earlier. Everything is back except for the ones saved since then.

    And now back up. And probably even move them to Firefox or sth. I don't want that hassle again.

    Thanks bro for your help.

  • 🍺

  • Me to I use Opera 12 just because it has sidebar! And I will use it forever my default browser is Firefox because it has Sidebar!

    I don`t know why they delete sidebar because we use Browser NOT developers!!!