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Bookmarks / "quick access bar" / "personal bar" - where?

  • Hi,

    I've just installed Opera 18 and love how fast it is. I'm having a bit of trouble finding the standard bookmarks bar, however and was hoping for some help.

    I've found the Speed Dial and the Stash, but I'm after the standard links bar that typically appears under the address bar. I understand this is somewhat of a contentious/troll-inducing topic. I've read the first few pages of the thread "Where are the bookmarks in Opera 18?" ( (I hope I'll be forgiven for not reading all 173 posts in that thread), and I discovered that what Firefox/Chrome call Bookmarks and IE call Links is called Quick Access Bar - is that correct? However I can't find anyway to load or enable this quick access bar.

    Out of the box there is no bar visible, there is no mention of the bar in any of the settings.

    When I search for "bookmarks" in the Opera help I'm taken to a menu which says "Help is one-click away, select your product," I click on "Opera for Computers," I find a list of FAQs and info for users of Opera 12, Opera 15. If I click the general "Help files" I'm returned to the same search box as before.

    The same search finds nothing for quick access bar.

    I've also searched the Opera's settings menu. Nothing is found for bookmarks, nothing is found for quick access bar, nothing found for personal bookmarks, or even just personal.

    I downloaded and installed Opera as of yesterday (Jan 18th).

    Some people have pointed to this post ( in the aforementioned thread as providing instructions for how to enable the quick access bar, but I find no such instructions, only screenshots of the said bar.

    Any help much appreciated

    Kind regards

  • You need to type opera:flags into the address bar and go to the "hidden" settings.
    You should find the option to enable the Quick Access Bar (now actually called the bookmarks bar in later versions) there.

  • Hi,

    So I found this setting and got the standard links bar back where it is expected to me. It worked fine, until yesterday. Then Opera loaded with no links bar ("quick access bar").

    Going back into the settings showed that it was still Enabled. I tried disabling it, then re-enabling it, but this made no difference (I restarted each time).

    Any ideas how to get the links bar back when this setting is enabled? I didn't add any links to the bar yesterday which might be causing it (corrupt or suspicious bookmarklets, perhaps) - I didn't add anything to the links bar yesterday, and haven't for a few days.

    It's just disappeared.