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  • Cannot edit my above post, so:

    I meant that I deleted Opera "updater" file.

    But I'll download 25 from from Opera's site and allow Sandboxie to save it in my Downloads for the install.

    If 25 would do anything funny to 12.17 -which I don't expect- a have a system backup + incremental ones -the latest one made recently- on an external drive...

  • This browser just keeps getting better and better. I've always had faith in the Opera devs and that has been borne out by this latest version. Keep up the good work, guys. Much appreciated. 😃

  • Opera 25 you still cannot import/export bookmarks. This is the most basic function, it should be priory and be done in the first month. Yet after a year it is still not implemented, absolutely pathetic.

    [mod edit: Did you really have to insult people? Next time your whole comment will be just gone!]

  • Opera 25 did not work with my Sandboxie -it only gave "about:blank" whatever I tried- so I uninstalled 25. But then I checked on the Sandboxie forum, and this issue was noted. Someone there suggested to use the latest Sandboxie version -4.13.7 (Beta)- and after installing that I'm glad to say it works fine with Opera 25.

    I have set as my default start page, and removed the bookmark blocks in Speed Dial -which I see when I open a new tab- because I don't like them. (I had to do that unsandboxed, otherwise they would appear again next time.)

    So now I only see the transparent block in Speed Dial with the big + in it... I can live with that. But I've also set Opera to open the page by typing in the top search bar "st".

    So far so good. But I still am not getting how to see my bookmarks unless as those blocks in Speed Dial. That is the only thing I don't like. And only for that reason will I keep enjoying 12.17 and utilizing it instead of 25.

    Opera 25 seems slightly faster, but the "bookmarks only on Speed Dial" issue makes me not mind to wait a few seconds longer before I see a website.

  • @mistromar,

    I was able to import my bookmarks from Opera 12.17 to 25, although they still are in a Imported Bookmarks folder. By clicking on them I get to their respective websites. Once there I can save them as a new bookmark in 25.

    Not too much work... ; )

    Again, it's only that I've never liked nor used Speed Dial. A nice uncluttered landscape with only the search bar near the top I like much better. (Bing looks great to me although I don't use it much.)

    I like the little bookmark star and list that opens when you click on it. I wonder how people quickly find their bookmarks when they have a few dozen of them in Speed Dial... it takes some scrolling down the page and looking around. That's not for me. 🙂

  • Apropos: I only search for my bookmarks if they are of the one time nature (like "watched - off!").
    I use the address bar. In all other cases:)
    Ah! and the Speed Dial! :cheers: 😃

  • How to adjust the opening of the middle mouse button in a new sheet to the front without simultaneously pressing the Shift key.
    This should be set as the basic behavior. Who wants the background, and whether to retain the Shift still retains ...
    Speed Dial is the best choice!

  • I'm glad to see so many like Opera 25.

    I just ran speed a test with a simple kitchen timer measuring only whole seconds. To see how long from hitting the Opera 12.17 icon on my task bar to my and the same with Opera 25.
    The results using Sandboxie and not using it:

    Opera 12.17
    unsandboxed: 4 seconds.
    Sandboxed: 6 seconds.

    Opera 25 unsandboxed: 8 seconds.
    Sandboxed: 14 seconds.

    Once on my start page I typed in "google".
    The page with Google as the top link appeared after 2 seconds in Opera 12.17 and after 1 second in Opera 25.

    I repeated each test a few times.

    Sandboxie deletes the bookmark blocks in Speed Dial after closing Opera 25. So unless you surf unsandboxed in 25 your Speed Dial bookmarks will not be there the next time.

    I'm not sure how that works in Opera 12.17 Speed Dial sandboxed, as I disabled Speed Dial soon after utilizing Opera some 9 years ago. But Sandboxie leaves my bookmarks list (accessible by tapping on the little yellow star) in 12.17 untouched.

    Not a difficult decision for me to make between using 12.17 or 25. I'm very grateful to the developers for my favorite browser: Opera 12.17.

  • Only now did I discover that you can edit your post by clicking -or tapping if you use a touchpad as I do- on the little gray cog wheel on the left...

  • LodeStone, :lol:.
    Still, your actual loading speed at a given moment depends on the current configuration of your path to the server. :idea: To objectively measure your connectivity, I guess you need a dedicated speedtest service. Like - yes:) speedtest or There are others.

  • Thank you.

    Opera 25 is a bit faster when doing the speed test you suggested:
    Using Oakla:

    With 12.16 download speed was 5.88 Mbps.
    With 25 it was 6.22 Mbps.

    I took the fastest results out of 5 tests of each.

    Maybe a good idea to watch HD streams and download large files in 25... 🙂

    (Although 12.17 is plenty fast enough for me as a simple home user. And I like the shorter time it takes to get to my default home page in that oldie but goodie.)

  • I use Opera 11 to watch movies.
    I'll tell you what? My broadband is ~20Mb/s, but it's up to the server where the videofile is if I will actually watch or just wait for buffering. Count the actual path to that pile, of course: approximately at the same time and of similar quality files may load drastically different.
    So what Opera actually does I don't know, but I doubt that matters about streams.

  • You are right. I just tested my Internet speed again. This time in 12.17 it was 5.81 and in the 25 it was 5.95.

    For some to me unknown reason each browser version connected to a different Oakla host. I guess that also influences it.

    I live 4 km from the exchange center -or whatever that is called in English- which means that my ISP cannot deliver the full 20 Mbps I would get if I lived closer to that center. There is no glass-fiber cable in my vicinity yet.

    It's fast enough for me. So no problem.

  • To repeat and revise a question I first asked several hours ago: is this present Opera 25 update to Presto Opera being selectively pushed via Presto Opera's auto-updater? There are two user comments in this forum that strongly indicate that interpretation:


    (the latter dating from 8 October)
    Both comments indicate that Opera 25 auto-upgraded an Opera 12.xx installation, but at least to some extent, without asking user agreement.

    To that question, I now add a second question: did this auto-updating process selectively start prior to the 15 October annoucement appearing in this thread?

  • Today a popup asked if I wanted to update to the latest version of Opera. I said no. When I next turned on the computer - it was updated without my permission.

    Also now my Opera browser won't run in a sandbox, which now puts my computer at risk of malware if I continue to use Opera. When I click on Opera to run in the sandbox it won't pull up the usual start page and won't allow me to go to any websites. When I open it outside the sandbox, suddenly everything's fine.

    Please can anyone tell me how to run this new version in a sandbox? I have a new computer and I really don't want malware (which happens even with a good anti-virus program). And why on earth would Opera try to prevent us from using a sandbox???????

    I tried to restore to a previous version but it said it couldn't find a previous version (I don't really understand that since Opera only downloaded 25 today. So second question - does anyone know how to get the previous version in some other way?

    I'm not very savvy with computer things - and would very much appreciate any help anyone could give. Thanks.

  • I like that.
    However, I would add the ability to change the thumbnails in the photo (as in favorite). Because now my home page looks like - it's hard to fathom.

  • Some internet with logo. And some of the thumbnails. As here.

    A simple example:

  • @lodestone How did you import them? None of mine show up at all.

  • Also the new speed-dial is crap, many websites logo do not appear and make it extremely hard to identify different sites on speed dial. Concentrate on fixing core features that people are screaming for instead of breaking things that people are happy with.

  • ok, this is an open source free program.... thank you. BUT how do I remove the new STUPID STUPID SPEED DIAL, thanks for messing up my very efficient system of folders etc.

    Good question someone asked before why not fixed problems people are complaining about eg the importing of from other browsers etc.

    WHO IN THE WORLD thought up this stupid SPEED DIAL, especially as there doesnt appear to be anyway to get rid of it.

    CAN I go back to an earlier version of OPERA, I AM NOT IMPRESSED WITH BEING FORCED TO HAVE SPEED DIAL, I am not a 3 year old that needs its nose wiped regularly and am comfortable with the way I set up my browser TO SUIT ME... not to suit OPERA.

    PLEASE advise is there anyway to contact OPERA apart from the bug section..... really peeved. and yes I AM SHOUTING MY FRUSTRATION.

    OPERA has had so many glitches of the past few months with crashes, flash crashes, extension crashes, that I am seriously thing of removing it, WHY FIX SOMETHING THAT IS NOT BROKE and WHY TAKE AWAY OUR CHOICE.

    NICE ONE..... and blow for freedom of choice