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  • Ok, so I'd like to do a fresh install of my system and am looking for ways to migrate my opera setup.
    Bookmarks and extensions basically, but anything really. What's the easiest way?

    I'd also like to export my bookmarks to safari since this would make life far easier, but I guess there is still no way?

    I'm thankful for any suggestions.

  • The easiest way is to open finder, hit cmd+shift+g and put in ~/Library/Application Support/. hit go. copy the com.operasoftware.Opera folder to a usb drive or some backup medium. (But probably not an online backup, as your passwords may be there if you save passwords.) then put it back in the same ~/Library/Application Support/ folder after the clean install. Opera will be just like you left it.

  • exiva, thats essentially it. Backing up and resting with Time Machine is the recommended method for Mac users.

    The Opera documentation on backing up explains what the different files are.

  • I don't use time machine, however I clone my hd daily. And indeed, copying this folder over does the trick quite nicely. What I intended to find out initially was what files from this folder to copy -- I didn't have the idea to do the whole thing....

    Anyway, thanks for the fast reply. I have only one addition. I didn't only do a fresh install, but also migrated from opera next/beta to stable. It turns out this works as well. The only downside is that the extensions, while being copied naturally too, don't show up at all in opera (even after restart). So I basically deleted the extensions from folder and reinstalled them properly, which wasn't that big of a deal.

  • I do that all the time, rename the folder from com.Operasoftware.Opera to com.operasoftware.OperaNext when I want to move on to the Next/Beta branch, however you can't go backwards (Which was awful during the last Beta build which constantly crashed on Yosemite. Lesson learned, make a copy of it first.) Never had a problem with extensions though. Odd. As long as it worked out.

  • Well, as said, I went back. But I did it exactly when opera next was at 25 and opera was at 25 too. Guess it only works if the number is equal or higher to the version you are running. Maybe the move "back" was also what stopped extensions from functioning.