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  • Hi I am using Opera 24 on Windows 7 and I had a malfunction and lost all Opera personal settings and bookmarks, I do have a bookmarks.bak file and an HTML file but don't know how to import them into Opera 24 like other browsers do, can anyone help?
    I did search for this problem but couldn't find anything if this has already been answered, and I am a just a basic computer user not familiar with high tech terminology.

  • I just found out how to import bookmarks into Opera 24 from an independent website, so if like me you are frustrated that not only is there no Opera advice on how to do this or any kind of technical support whatsoever, they really don't care about customers! Then here is the URL

  • Yawn... this is old news and been beaten and thrashed about a thousand times. There are many threads relating to bookmarks. Be calm. Version 25 is just around the proverbial corner.

  • Yawn... this is old news and been beaten and thrashed about a thousand times. There are many threads relating to bookmarks. Be calm. Version 25 is just around the proverbial corner.

    @leushino, while this may be "old news" to you or me, it isn't necessarily such to somebody new to Blink Opera and experiencing an 'issue'. The natural reaction with a software problem is to do a quick search (the OP says he did, and my own search of these forums turned up very very little that was directly relevant - a major forum search-engine shortcoming, I might add, but I digress...). If a quick search doesn't find something relevant, a user will usually track down a support forum and ask there - which the OP did in his first post.

    The OP's expression of frustration in his second post has some validity - nearly every other browser I've ever seen has a simple, direct way to import bookmark files; settings may be a different story, depending on the browser. Moreover, finding topical "help" documentation for a specific Opera issue can be an intimidating and daunting task, especially with some of the documentation "out there" related to a now-obsolete and incompatible Opera version, and not always clearly identified as such.

    Responding that there's a Version 25 just around the corner, along with an admonition to be "calm" is rather patronizing, is it not, if the Opera 24 user isn't aware of all the recent 'politics' of Opera and is simply trying to get the version he's using fully back on line? Not everyone who posts here has lived through the last 36 months in intimate contact with all the Opera histrionics that we have... and not everyone expressing frustration with something Opera-related is doing it out of a latent anger at 'Blink' Opera - sometimes they're genuinely frustrated with the situation they're going through. And to the OP's credit, he did report back to his own thread when he found an answer that seems to work for him - many users never do.

  • All they need to do is SEARCH. The information is there for anyone including the questioner.

  • All they need to do is SEARCH. The information is there for anyone including the questioner.

    OK... searching Google tonight for "opera bookmark import" brings up one (yep, count it, just 1) "official" Opera website listing - but that only applies to how to import bookmarks (among other things) into Opera 12.10. After that listing come many dozens of "unofficial" hits (I gave up checking them after the 7th page of listings) that discuss a variety of user or self-proclaimed "guru"-experimented methods for trying to import bookmarks into a variety of Opera versions (some Presto, some Blink) of various vintage... but nothing "official" appears from Opera or from its forums. Then, directly searching Opera's forum for that same term results in two pages of listings on all manner of things, most (if not all) of the listings unrelated to the OP's original question.

    There's a real problem surfacing here, and it's not this user. He simply asked a neutral question and stated he had unsuccessfully searched for an answer. I repeated a similar search to the user's and found no "official" of Opera-forum answer listed either, relevant to his needs. That user then came to the "Opera" forums and asked for an answer to his question. After getting no response in a short timespan, he went out on the web and did find an unofficial answer from somebody unrelated to Opera or its forums, a link to which he then posted here, along with some critical comments about Opera's lack of support for such a significant topic. The only response to his stated need was a rather snarky comment telling him to relax and wait for the next version... moreover, this is certainly not the first time this kind of thing has happened to a forum questioner.

    And Opera wonders why it's still stuck around 2-3% market share? Opera wants to attract new users... but new users constantly have "old" problems that are new to them. Even if a forum responder has seen a particular question asked a hundred times before, unless the forum search engine can readily locate those threads or unless there's a relevant Opera FAQ or Opera forum readily-available answer listed out on the net, all those hundred prior forum questions (answered or not) are of no value to that questioning user. Berating him for unsuccessfully searching or telling him to wait for the next version serves no useful purpose without telling him when that release will be... because he probably also doesn't know all things Opera, such as when that next version will come out or whether the timeframe fits his immediate needs. The net effect ends up being alienation of such users, which is a net PR "Fail" for Opera.