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Opera 18 accessing some pages very slowly compared to opera 12 or even doesn't open the page

  • Opera 18 may be pausing to look at that picture of the woman with the Apple laptop, if so, i can certainly see why. 😃

  • Originally posted by calypsori:

    It's just random... Now I figured out Opera hangs on one specific page..., and it hangs every time...

    I have few extensions - AdBlocker+, eBay, utorrent. Disabled AdBlock to filter, but no luck. It started happening last night.

    In validating the source code on that page, the W3C validator shows 88 Errors, 47 warning(s). It could be that Opera 18 is having more serious problems with these than does your Opera 12. The two versions are built on different rendering engines.

    You could also try entirely switching off all the extensions temporarily and test the site again. I'm not currently running Opera 18 on this system, so I can't try it out for comparison. The site doesn't work much at all in my own Opera 12.14 version (but I've got the settings on that locked down extremely tightly and it doesn't have Flash). It does work fine in IE8, Qupzilla, and Firefox 26.

  • Originally posted by LinuxMint7:

    Opera 18 may be pausing to look at that picture of the woman with the Apple laptop, if so, i can certainly see why. 😃

    Don't want to sound politically incorrect, but Opera is kinda female, right? 😃

  • Still facing the same issue. Sometimes it opens a page, but just freezes, sometimes it works fine.

  • Disabled hardware acceleration and now suddenly it works fine.

  • Upgraded to Opera 19, and problems with freezing on some pages (on the same portal) are again here.

  • Is hardware acceleration disabled on the update to 19?

  • I am keeping HW acceleration disabled.

    BTW., Lenovo T520, core i7, integrated GPU + nVidia Quadro4200M, Win7 x64. In case it has something to do with integrated GPU.

  • Newest Opera 19 has proven to be useless, it's even worse than 18!! It is crashing 1000x more often than old Opera 12.15, actually Opera 12.15 was incredibly stable, I've seen maybe 1 crash in 2 months of heavy daily use (12+ hours). Opera 19 managed to crash around 20 times today and there's no option to submit carsh report anymore as it crashes in a way I can only kill it via Task Manager. Always on the website already mentioned in this thread which works just fine in Opera 12.

    Really lousy work with this Chromium based Opera and they call it the 'stable' version. I don't know what is supposed to be stable in it.

    I will try to live with it for some more time, but it will take me less than a second to switch back to Opera 12 if it continues to crash this often.

  • Hi,

    I've had the same or similar problem recently with Opera 19 where numerous tabs will just refuse to load and stay stuck loading on white screen. Most noticeably for me this has been happening with YouTube. It has been an intermittent issue over the last week or two, difficult to reproduce and I think it may be fixed by restarting the browser.

  • Opera 19 is gone, too many problems, some pages not loading at all or loading extremely slow. I will continue using Opera 18. Good thing is that if you install Opera 18 over Opera 19, custom theme will still stay. 🙂

  • This happens to me too, it's just way too slow, or never loads pages.

    it's random, some page loads fine, but then freaks out and never ever loads (need to close the browser and try again, worst case had to kill the process, it never closed by itself.)

    why opera, why!? 😞

  • Hey all,

    Having the same problem here, mostly sites controlled by Google give me a hard time (Such as Youtube, Google, gmail etc)
    I've uninstalled Opera - reinstalled it again and the problem is still here, even worse...
    It just gets stuck on a loading loop... I have found a solution but I have no idea how it works or what it means.

    When I open Opera and go to a site like it starts loading the page, I then open my Task manager and then the Processes tab and see like 9 or even 10 Opera things running, I close the Crash-report and close the first Opera process (Usually its around 10.900k) and suddenly Youtube has been fully loaded BUT I can't click anything, it's like I'm staring at a picture... the mouse cursor doesn't respond to links either...

    I've been using Opera for a little more than 5 years now, and I'm a HUGE fan, but with all these changes I find myself using Chrome more and more just because Opera has gotten so many glitches and problems + they removed a lot of the mouse gesture links that I used so much...
    anyway, any help would be welcome :D!

    Btw - I have Adblock as an Extension and Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Outlook as speeddial Extensions ... On my speeddail (including the extensions) I have 10 sites, in my stash I currently have 4.... no idea if this information is relevant in any way but it doesn't hurt haha

  • Go back to Opera 18, it works OK.