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  • I know this question has been asked many times before, but it has never been adequately answered. The solutions seem to require some knowledge of coding. I just want an option in settings. How hard would that be?

    I started using Opera 16 because of the Off-Road Mode. It does a great job of limiting data usage when I have my phone tethered.......until Opera starts updating itself. (I know it is Opera using up the data because I am using Networx to identify data usage by application.) I have a data cap with my phone so I want to do all my updates when I am home or using public wi-fi.

    I'm tethered now and when Opera started updating I turned data off on my phone then went to program files and deleted the Opera autoupdate application file. (It didn't show up as an application that could be deleted properly.) I turned data back on and came to this site. So far Opera hasn't crashed or tried to update. That solves my immediate problem, but now when I want to update I'll have to add the file back to the Opera program directory. Even if that works and Opera is able to update it's still a lot trouble to go to.

    Is there another way?

  • Yes there is always a button in software where you can uncheck that button or you uninstall application and reinstall it then during installation they asked you to about updates. When they asked you to auto updates just click on "NO" options.

  • Thanks for replying. The inability to turn autoupdate on or off is a known problem with Opera 16. There is no button to check or uncheck during or after installation. I was really hoping a developer would reply to this.

    With the addition of the excellent Off-Road Mode, I would think that it would occur to the developers that people with a data cap would very much want to use this software. A sudden muti MB download defeats the purpose of the Off-Road Mode for us.

  • I searched on how to turn off auto update and reached here.
    I was using opera for many years. Only recently I upgrade to Opera 16. The reason I use Opera is to load image heavy site with Turbo mode or now know as off road mode. With auto update there n point in saving 10 or 20MB while same gets wasted on weekly update. Like all software please provide an option to disable it.

  • Originally posted by tharun518:

    With auto update there n point in saving 10 or 20MB while same gets wasted on weekly update.

    The download is actually 32 Mbytes, but it's not weekly — it's not even once a month.

    Opera 17.x for Windows 2013-10-08
    Opera 16.x for Windows 2013-08-27
    Opera 15.x for Windows 2013-07-02

    Just use Opera 12.16. If there is an update, it will be a security fix, so there's not much point disabling autoupdates for that. I suggest setting it to "Notify me about available updates."

  • Pesala I think this suggestion makes little sense here...
    And you're missing the minor updates...

    2013-07-10 - Opera 15.0.1147.138
    2013-07-11 - Opera 15.0.1147.141
    2013-07-19 - Opera 15.0.1147.148
    2013-08-02 - Opera 15.0.1147.153
    2013-08-27 - Opera 16.0.1196.62
    2013-09-05 - Opera 16.0.1196.73
    2013-09-25 - Opera 16.0.1196.80
    2013-10-08 - Opera 17.0.1241.45

    So yeah I'd say it's a big deal for some people on limited data connections...

    Unfortunately the solution is like 0 or 1.
    Or you leave it enabled or go to the Opera installation folder and search for opera_autoupdate.exe and remove it from the folder (then you'll need to check for updates manually and repeat this procedure each time you update).

    I hope someday the devs at least will be able to deliver smaller patches like they've done in the past.

  • Everyday google chrome was using minimum 300 mb of my bandwidth and sometime it would go to 700 mb thats daily!!
    after seeing this I have switched over to opera!! but even in opera it happening again!!
    with each search I see that opera would have downloaded around 10 to 15 mb!!
    thats only for 5 or 10 min!!!

    how do I get over this!!

  • Originally posted by shanikata:

    how do I get over this!

    In Opera 18 you can enable off-road mode. In Opera 12.16 it's called Turbo mode.

    In Opera 18, Settings, uncheck "Preload Discovery content" and do not open the Discover tab.

    In future, please start a new thread. This has nothing to do with disabling Autoupdate.