Opera keeps loading the pages

  • I have been a loyal fan of opera and this is my wierd problem.

    When i try to open a link in opera it keeps loading. I have a good FIOS network still the pages i open keep loading. The odd thing i noticed was when i open the same page in private window it loads them faster and completely.

    this is the link for the opera about page


    please help..if you cant i have no option but to move to chrome or firefox.

  • Any firewall or security software running on your computer or hardware firewall or router blocking Opera's access to the internet ?.

  • hey linuxmint7 thanks for the reply...

    I just have windows defender installed on my machine and as i said earlier its wierd the pages load fast and complete in private mode where as the same page takes time loading on regular window.

    So I did an experiment to check the same when I try to open www.google.com on regular window and a private window at the same time the private window shows the google page where as the regular window still loads and completes after a couple of minutes.

    so please suggest the things I should try.

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