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Opera 24 not saving configuration

  • Opera was working just fine until today. Everything was working perfectly and in harmony, but then out of nowhere it just stopped saving my settings and configuration entirely. I did not change anything, nor did I update. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but to no avail. Has anybody else had this problem and figured out a fix for it? I'm out of ideas as this point and could really use some help. Google doesn't help either.

  • You need to provide more information: which version of Opera? what operating system?

  • ...Opera 24. As it states in the title. If you want more specific, it's 24.0.1558.64. I'm using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

  • Is it a work machine by chance? Where I work I am very restricted in Chrome and IE, but not Opera. Well, at least not yet.

  • It is not a work machine. It's my personal computer. It was working just fine and then out of nowhere it just stopped working. The computer wasn't reset even, it just kinda stopped out of nowhere.

  • Ok, so it seems that I was able to fix it, actually. I went into the files and found the preferences "file" and simply deleted it. After it re-created itself, everything was fine again. So far at least, everything is fine. I hope someone else can use this page as help should it happen to them.

  • Whatever, there must have been a trigger.

    1. Try to remember any unusual/different/quirky activity you had been undertaking or your perfomance did. Anyway in case it's a bug or something else.
    2. Was/is your malware protection quite alright? (In case it was something else.)
  • Sounds like a corrupt preference file, which can happen if Opera does not shut down properly or crashes for some reason, or there are quite a number of other reasons this can happen.