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Opera not loading anything for me

  • Hi opera forums!

    i just installed the current version (24.0.1558.64) of Opera for Windows (Windows 7 machine) and experienced the oddest problem to which i don't know any sollution - thus i'm seeking help from you guys here! 🙂 plus I already had Opera installed a few months earlier without any problems.

    In the current state, Opera is only displaying about:blank-pages for me; and nothing else entirely.
    This goes for websites i try to address aswell as any integrated features such as the the config/properties, opera help or "about opera" (features that can be accessed through the main dropdown-menu in the top left corner).

    In addition to that, I realized that the program takes up to 10 seconds to be restored from the minimized state. Without any cpu usage whatsoever.

    The problem is certainly not related to the internet connection since Opera's websearch-based auto-suggestion within the addressbar is working just fine, surprisingly.

    Troubleshooting i already did:

    • I tried going with the previous version of Opera (24.0.1558.61), which didn't change anything.
    • I then went back to a much older verion, 20.0.1387.91 that is, which gave me even worse results one time: 20.0.1387.91 started off with a black content screen and froze/crashed when i tried to open a new tab. The second time i started 20.0.1387.91, it gave me the same about:blank-results as the current version.
    • I deactivated the firewall (comodo firewall) aswell as virus protection (bitdefender antivirus) without any effect.
    • Reboots and reinstalls of Opera of course.

    So overall i'm totally clueless about where that error could be found.
    Might it be some crucial file missing? But why wouldn't there be any error message then? Or maybe it's related to the fact that i had opera installed before. Could the new installation still use old file paths? ...You guessed it: I'm not an expert at this!

    Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions!

  • I managed to figure out by myself what the Problem was.

    It seems like ANY version of Opera is incompatible with the most CURRENT version ( of Bitdefender Antivirus (Free Edition).

    How i get to that conclusion:
    The Moment in uninstalled the antivir program completely, rather than just deactivating it using the tray icon, opera was working just fine again.

    I then downloaded the currently available installer from the antivirus program's website in order to make sure the Problem wasn't occuring due to having an outdated version of the antivir.
    Having executed this installer i found online, opera was still running perfectly fine. But to my surprise, once the antivirus' auto-update completed, the Problems with opera as described reestablished.
    Hence it must be the VERY LATEST version of that antivir which is incompatible with opera.

    I will Switch to another antivir program for now, since downgrading is not really an Option with that Kind of program!

  • < ...

    Hence it must be the VERY LATEST version of that antivir which is incompatible with opera.
    I will Switch to another antivir program for now, since downgrading is not really an Option with that Kind of program!

    Is there any way within BitDefender for you to carve out an exception for Opera? You might run that past BitDefender's support folks whilst they try and deal with the issue of why they're blocking Opera.

  • The free bitdefender version i use offers very little customization and no such feature as exceptions.
    But aside from that, i was reading through a post on the bitdefender Forums by someone experiencing the same Problems as me - he/she stated that he went through all options his version (obviously a different version than the free one) has to offer, including creating an exception for opera, without any effect on the compatibility.

    Well i will just switch to another antivir program for now, it's no inconvenience worth mentioning.

  • Hi,

    I use Windows 8.1 and the lastest version of Opera and Bitdefender Internetsecurity 2015. After installing Opera 26 I have to wait nearly 1 ninute and more, before the new (or the old) startpage starts.Also surfing was very very slow. First I tried changing various options in Opera, but then I looked into Bitdefender ...and there I found the problem. If there is the active virus Control button on, Opera is extremly slow. After stopping active virus control opera runs fine.
    So I´ll write the problem also to bitdefender.

  • Thank you so much for this thread! I was actually switching to Chrome temporarily until I could solve this issue! I have uninstalled/reinstalled Opera numerous times trying to figure it out.

    I am in the same boat as freebikerman2014. I am running the latest (paid for) BitDefender Total Security 2015 on Windows 8.1 and it has been causing my Opera to run VERY slow. (It has slowed Opera only recently, though. I have had BitDefender for quite some time, but the slowness is fairly recent as in about the last 1-2 months.) Like freebikerman2014 said, turning off 'Active Virus Control' under 'Antivirus' in BitDefender solves the slowness instantly. I am not willing to leave that disabled, though. I will look into it and see if I can find another way to fix this.

  • Surely if BitDefender is blocking Opera and slowing it down, It's a BitDefender problem, or at least it's something the BitDefenders developers should be notified about ?.

    Or maybe it's just a badly configured BitDefender ?.