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Opera can't play soundcloud or reverbnatiion

  • To whom may concern, today I just experience couple problems with Opera. I went on soundcloud and tried to play a song but it wouldn't play and I get a message back that said " It looks like you have a Flash blocker browser setting or extension. Please enable Flash to hear this track. ". Well flash player is already enable, and I even tried to disable, and enable it back and hope it will works, but it didn't. However, I knew it is not soundcloud or reverbnation trouble shooting, it's definitely has something to do with Opera. Nonetheless, Please fix the problems ASAP, because I love Opera and I would not want to change my web browser over lil issues like this. Thank you

  • Do you have 'Opera Turbo' enabled (should be in the main menu) ?, if so, disable it.

    Do you have 'Plug-ins' in 'Settings / Websites' set to 'Click to play' ?. if so, change it to 'Run automatically (recommended)'.

  • Alright let me try that real quick and thanks for ur info

  • Thanks you so much.