Access to the Opera Link data has been denied

  • (token ATAWQ3rMdcqWTr7KB2ajRUOdxf0PiROX) i get this massage from Opera beta from time to time. I still have Opera 12 where i can access to my Opera link but from Opera beta(Next) i can't. Then somehow i just access.

  • Today it is all ok, It ask me to log in and i did without any problems.

  • I still have this problem from time to time. Can someone from support tell us much more about this problem?

  • How long will it be available?

  • Approximately for a day but i can't log in for a days. When i wrote the last post i was logged in just for a one day. First i thought i was sign-out by server, that happened too but when i log-in into forum (i think forum and opera link are in common) i still can not see my Opera link bookmark.

    p.s. i put stared (subscribe) i do not get e-mail for a new messages.

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