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Revoked Certicate - what can I do next?

  • 18/9/14
    I run Opera for Mac on an iMac desktop (version 24.0.1558.61). Loving it, after years of Opera on Windows.
    However, a couple of days ago I began getting an error message when trying to visit the site
    "The certificate for this website is invalid
    Issued by Verisign Class 3 Secure Server CA - G3
    Expires Tuesday 16/8 2016
    This certificate has been revoked"

    Opera for Mac doesn't seem to offer any way forward. The Tor browser and Apple's Safari browser both detect the problem. Safari allows me to ignore the error and proceed to the web page normally. My Windows (XP SP3) laptop version of Opera simply sails past the error without comment.

    What can I do in Opera for Mac to gain access to the site (which their support staff say is uncompromised)?


  • works without errors.

  • Strange, my keychain on OSX is uptodate and no warnings.

    is your Mac's OS really updated?

  • Thanks for responding.

    I really am at a loss to know what to do to resolve my problem. The site tech support say everything is normal and no-one else has reported a problem. My Win XP laptop has no problem. Only my Mac (Mavericks) hits the error. Opera and Safari and TOR all report the 'revoked certificate'. Safari allows me to ignore the warning, but I hate Safari almost as much as I hate IE and Man.U. (and backstroke).

    Is the problem with me and my Mac? What should I do to trace the error?

    Additionally, why won't Opera offer me the opportunity to push through the security warning?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • is your Mac's OS really updated?

    Quoted, because the question was not answered.

  • I guess I didn't understand the 'really' part ....
    Anyway, the system reports

    System Software Overview:
    System Version: OS X 10.9.4 (13E28)
    Kernel Version: Darwin 13.3.0

    Is there anything more I can tell you?

    I suspect there is some corruption or deficiency within my system, since no-one else is reporting errors. But I've only had the Mac 6 months and I'm floundering here.

    Thanks again.

  • Maybe have a check to see if there are any system software updates available for your version of MacOS ?.

    The 'Update' option used to be in the 'System' menu (if I remember correctly) when I use to have a iMac, though I could be completely wrong, and I guess things may have changed quite a bit since then.

  • I've checked. There are no outstanding updates.

    I'm at a loss to know what to do now. And in fact I've just tried accessing the page with Opera Beta for Mac and it just dumps me in a blank screen; and I tried my WinXP laptop running Opera 11 (Presto) and it, too, finds a certificate problem on that page.

    The situation as I see it is that there is possibly a real problem with the web page certificates (which their support people are denying) but that all browsers except Opera/Mac have a facility to 'press on regardless'. Unless there is an option I've missed in Opera/Mac?

  • The error message is quite clear. The certificate has been revoked. Meaning, it is no longer trustworthy. If you click on the badge in the address field (far left), Details, and then Certificate you will get more info about what certificate.

    There is nothing wrong on your side. It is a server-side issue that the webmaster has to address. The webmaster has obviously had a reason to revoke their certificate (security intrusion?) so they are probably on top of the situation.

    You should not ignore this warning! Revoked certificates explicitly means you should not trust the site.

  • Thanks aeyoun for that positive statement. I have sent a screenshot of the full error page and the text of your comment to the site operators in the hope that they will take a hard look at what is going on.

    In the event that this all turns out to be my fault, I'll tell the judge "aeyoun made me do it"!

    I'll keep everyone informed of any developments.

    Meanwhile, given that I rely on the site on a daily basis, and will use other browsers to force my way past the warning ... can anyone suggest how I can set Mac/Opera to 'permit' me to visit the page anyway?

    Thanks to all,

  • Vindication! The tech support guy has sent the following email:Hi Mr Batten

    "Thank you for your email.

    Because of an administrative error our SSL certificate renewal for was not applied correctly and as a result it has

    Getting this sorted out has a real challenge, but the site is now up and

    Many apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused.

    Best regards"

    In previous conversations they had been adamant that 'There is no problem - it is your fault' and I would have knuckled under without the support from this forum.

    My thanks to you all.


  • And 'they' (who ever 'they' is) say that Opera is not a secure browser.

    I say 'Pah!!!' to that, they know nothing.