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I just have 2 user accounts that I can sign into

  • I have signed into someones account because I thought I was hacked. I saw some crazy logins to google (that were not my accounts) and I thought someone has been using my computer to enter these accounts. I sent an email to that guy (he has gmail and email) and he said he doesn't know what I am talking about
    When I go to change my opera password I see that I have 2 more accounts that I can sing into. Mine and 2 more. One is in Belarus other in Russia.
    I don't know what's going on but Opera is leaking accounts all over the place. What if they leaked mine to someone else?
    This is really bad and I've been using opera for 15 years.

    I have people's accounts where I can login to opera and have all their passwords, everything that they have. This is a major security issue

    The way I found out was that I was signed off from few of my gmail accounts and when I tried to sign in I saw few others that I never used - t his is my email, if anyone from opera wants to clear this up

  • @movadobgd I can login to opera account from 3 different users. I didn't login to any of them but it downloaded all my passwords as well. What's going on with opera. My account was accessed from Germany, meaning that they have all my personal and business passwords.

  • @movadobgd Please explain it better because it doesn't make much sense for me.

    Where and how did you see those Google logins? And how and where did you see that you have two more Opera accounts?

    The way I found out was that I was signed off from few of my gmail accounts and when I tried to sign in I saw few others that I never used

    You mean that you saw several other email addresses in the username field?

  • @leocg I have my passwords save in opera browser. When i started using my laptop I saw I was signed out of few of my accounts, when I tried to login there were new accounts.
    I have 3,4 gmail accounts that I never used in my life
    I have 2,3 email accounts that I never used in my life (i logged into one and spoke with that guy, he said that he doesn't know what's happening either)

    All his passwords were saved in my opera
    Then I went to opera my account page and found out i have 3 logins in total for opera browser. My own and 2 other that i have never seen
    It also synchronized all their passwords and pages. Lucklay 1 didn't have many, other has his gmail passwords, Samsung, mailru and probably a lot more

    When i went to check logins to my account I found another account in Germany and I am not in Germany.

  • @movadobgd So you have saved passwords in the passwords manager that you don't know from where they come from?

  • @leocg I have 2 opera accounts that I can login to and from those accounts I got over 30 passwords for other websites, email accounts etc.
    I know where they came from, from opera. I never heard of those emails , never had them, no malware, no viruses, no break ins to my laptop or my emails. I have no illegal software or anything that could compromise my computer
    Opera leaked other user passwords and accounts and somehow i got 2 accounts.
    My account was leaked to Germany

  • @movadobgd Those are your saved passwords, that you typed and saved while logged in to Sync at some point. Or someone else with access to your Opera account.

    If you don't want/need those passwords, just delete them.

  • @leocg I don't think you get it
    Those are my password + the passwords of other people
    I need my passwords
    I can login to other's people opera account, their email accounts, their social media
    I am guessing someone can do it from my accounts too. Opera has leaked passwords somehow and accounts.

  • @movadobgd So where and how are/were seeing those other Opera accounts that you say are from other people?
    Did you see them after or before have logged in?

  • @leocg before I logged in to opera. I went to change my password in Opera because I figured out it was not my email or my computer that's been hacked.
    When I went to login to opera and change password I saw that there are 2 other users. And then it connected, those users are linked to those gmail accounts and Samsung accounts, very similar usernames.
    So when I turned on my opera today I already had everything synched inside of my own account (I was logged into opera browser, not opera account)

  • @leocg I am in Belgrade and when I figured out that it was opera that was leaking passwords I went to logins on my side, and it seems that some other user has my accounts and passwords and everything.

    Here are logins, as you can see I am in Serbia, why was there a login from Germany?

    Opera Auth
    Belgrade, Serbia (
    October 8, 2021, 9:18 PM

    Current session

    Opera Forums
    Belgrade, Serbia (
    October 8, 2021, 9:05 PM

    Opera Forums
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany (
    October 8, 2021, 6:27 PM


  • @movadobgd Location is a guess based on the IP address.
    If someone really accessed your account from there, it's because that person knows your login and password but it doesn't mean they were leaked by Opera.

  • @movadobgd And those accounts were listed in the username field? Or you saw them on a page as if they were their for you to choose which one to use?

  • @leocg
    I don't know how they got that login if they did.
    I don't know how I got 2 login from 2 other people's opera account. I never had t heir opera accounts, yet if I go to google and type opera account and go to the website I can login to 3 different opera accounts.
    Mine in Serbia
    1 in Belarus
    1 in Russia

    So yes, there was a leak with opera, no one gave me those logins, nor did I give my login to anyone in Germany

  • @movadobgd When you log in the browser, you log in to your account.

  • @leocg
    As I said this is an opera leak I never had those two accounts.
    Also their passwords were synched in my opera before I logged in here in my account. I never logged in to their opera accounts, yet I have their emails and passwords in and gmail accounts.


  • @leocg these two people in the picture never gave me their accounts, emails , or anything.
    My network or computers never show any outside logins or breaks in firewalls.
    I am in IT business myself, I know when things happen. I am also office 365 administrator for a large private lender.
    That's why I took all the steps to see if it's on my side, but it's not.
    I checked entire network security, viruses, trojans, adware, tracking software or anything else that can compromise my computer and network, but no flaws were found

    Please forward all of this info to tech support.
    I already contacted the other two users and let them know. In fact when I thought one of them was a hacker I entered his email and send him an email to the second one. He dones't know how all of this happened.
    Inside of his email i found logins to opera, it was my from Belgrade, his from Belarus and few others from USA.

    That's why I am saying this is a leak from your side

  • @movadobgd Probably it was just a wrongly guess of the location. Or maybe a connection though a VPN or something similar.

    There is a feature to send you an email every time there's a login using your account, you can enable if you haven't yet.

  • @movadobgd I don't think there was a leak. Why would a leak affect just two or three people?

  • @leocg I use VPN only to USA locations because I work for USA companies.

    You don't guess you either know or don't know.
    I know there was a leak because on my side it was Germany from other account there is USA (guy in Belarus) and Serbia.
    So there are leaks on your side whether you acknowledge it or not. I will forward all this chat (saved it already) and everything that I have (images, proofs) to tech news website so that they can start up more t things because I am guessing you just want to talk, for me it's not about the talk it's about the solution. And you are not giving any solution right now.
    I guess since opera is Chinese now things can leak and get bad but you won't consent to it.