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Opera 25 remove Yahoo from default search engines

  • So I was using Y as Youtube search engine shortcut for years but newest version of opera changed that to Yahoo and there is no option to change that. Can you please revert it like it was before?

  • Hi @aealo, please have a look here ☕

  • thank you @l33t4opera

  • I get setting default search engines. Preventing me from changing those search engines without editing a text file is a little harsh though.

    Please for F's sake remove the lock on the "partner content" search engines. It's one more thing that's driving me away from using Opera as my main browser.

    Heck even if I have to pay a small license fee I'd be happy with that.

  • srsly, change this! at least allow me to change the shortcut (I thought opera was about choice for the user)

  • Hi!

    Sorry for reopening this thread after such a long time, but I came across the same issue with no proper solution. At least none which would last for long. So I took a crack to solve the issue myself.

    I had search shortcuts "d" set for ; "m" to; "y" for youtube ; "e" for ebay and so on and so on.

    Since Opera added their partner content sites to override my search engines and did not leave us a possibility to change the shortcuts I was close to quit with Opera. 😞

    A possible solution is to delete the "%ProgramFiles(x86)%/Opera/%Version%/resources/default_partner_content.json" where the Opera forced search engines are stored, and then get back to opera://settings/searchEngines to set your own ones (after deleting that file the originally user set ones will work again anyway).

    Problem with that is that with every update that file will get loaded again, into a new version folder. So the solution above needed some tweaking.

    Here is what I did / you could do (tested with Opera 26,27,28 but should work with other :

    • Hit "WINDOWS KEY" + "E" (to) open the Windows Explorer - browse to your own files or where you want the script to reside
    • Right click in that directory --> "New" --> "New text file" and name it "OperaLauncher.BAT.txt"
    • Open that file in Notepad (or preferably Notepad++ if you got that)
    • Paste the following code to it:

    @echo off & setlocal 
    set "OperaProgRoot=C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera" 
    set "OperaLauncherExe=%OperaProgRoot%\launcher.exe" 
    set "GetV=%Temp%\GetV.vbs" 
    echo Set objWMIService=GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\.\root\cimv2")>"%GetV%" 
    echo Set colFiles=objWMIService.ExecQuery ("SELECT * FROM CIM_Datafile WHERE Name='"^&Replace(WScript.Arguments(0),"\","\\")^&"'")>>"%GetV%" 
    echo For Each objFile in colFiles: WScript.Echo objFile.version: Next>>"%GetV%" 
    set Version= 
    for /f %%i in ('cscript //nologo "%GetV%" "%OperaLauncherExe%"') do set "Version=%%i" 
    if defined Version echo %OperaLauncherExe% - Version %Version% 
    del "%GetV%" 
    IF NOT EXIST "%OperaProgRoot%\%Version%\resources\default_partner_content.json" GOTO LAUNCH_OPERA 
    ren "%OperaProgRoot%\%Version%\resources\default_partner_content.json" "default_partner_content.json.BAK" 

    Rename the file to "OperaLauncher.BAT" - or what ever you want but make sure it is now .BAT and not a text file / .TXT anymore)

    Recommended: Right click that "OperaLauncher.BAT" --> send to --> Desktop (create shortcut)

    Optional: Change the icon for the shortcut on the desktop by right click --> Properties --> Change icon --> OK --> browse to your Opera installation (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera ) and select Opera.exe --> select icon of choice --> Apply.

    Now every time you start Opera by this icon (independent of updates) - that default partner content file will get renamed (so your personal settings will be used) before Opera is started.

    For those you are interested / experiencing issues due to other installation location:
    The script:

    • sets two variables for the program path of opera / where the launcher.exe resides (check / copy that by right clicking your Opera desktop icon --> properties)
    • checks the file version of the default launcher.exe - which is updated with every opera version (see above)
    • adds that into a variable as well
    • checks if the partner content file exists in the current version folder and renames it / backs it up if it exists
    • otherwise / after --> that launches the default opera launcher.exe

    So if your Opera in installed anywhere else than default, you must edit line 2 to reflect that.

    Hope this will help somebody else, too.



  • The idea of the BAT script is quite good.

    But my problem is that i must retype/reintroduce all my defined search engines (I have wiki on different languages, google images, google maps, ...) every time i change my PC or I reinstall my old PC.

    How can I import my defined search engines?
    where are they stored?



  • With every update so far I went to the routine of deleting the "defaultpartnercontent.json" to get rid of the default search engines (which I never use) and get my custom engines back.

    This no longer works. If I do that, Opera whines that a file is corrupted, and won't launch.

    I don't want Yahoo to use the "y" shortcut, I want YouTube. I don't want the French Wikipedia on "w", I want the English one.

    So is it possible now?