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  • Can you tell me if Opera Mail now supports Alias sent addresses? If so, how do you set them up?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Opera Mail doesn't support Aliases at all. The only option you have is to set up another account that uses the alias username and email address. You'll then have to always make sure you select the right address in the from drop-down when you compose.

    However, with that method, you'll have each alias account downloading its own copies of messages in the Inbox. If using POP, you can avoid connecting to the POP server. On the "Incoming" tab in the alias account's properties, uncheck "include this account when checking manually" and uncheck "check for new messages every". Also, set the port to 0, make sure the username and password fields for the POP server are empty and make sure the server name field is empty.

    If you want your sent messages to go into the sent folder on the server and the SMTP server doesn't do that for you, you'll have to set up the alias account to connect to your mail account via IMAP and set an IMAP sent folder on the "IMAP" tab in the alias account's properties. But, the downside here is that you can't avoid duplicates as you can't unsubscribe from the "Inbox" IMAP folder (you can unsubscribe from all the others and keep the sent IMAP folder subscribed though). To work around this, you can try setting low-bandwidth mode for that IMAP account. You can also try disabling checking like you would for an IMAP account. But, you'll also need to close down Opera and edit accounts.ini in the mail folder and set IMAP IDLE Support to 0 for the account. The reason I say try in this case is that I don't remember if disabling checking for the account will disrupt the logging in to the IMAP server to allow Opera to append the sent message to the IMAP sent folder. You'll have to check.

    As for the duplicates, on the Incoming tab in the accoutn's properties for the IMAP alias account, set "do not make messages available offline" so the duplicates don't hog up space. Then, try setting flags= to 263 for the IMAP "Inbox" folder (see index.ini in the mail folder while Opera is closed). That will make messages in that aliase account hidden from all views that have "show hidden" unchecked.

    Crazy stuff, but that's about all you can do since Opera doesn't support aliases.

  • Thank you for all the detail. Definitely not worth that much effort.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Burnout,

    I wanted an alias, tried your solution and it worked 🙂 Thank-you.

    3 points to note:

    1. Disabling checking didn't make any difference, still got duplicates.
    2. I didn't need to go to Low Bandwidth mode. With it unchecked no duplicates appeared.
    3. If you open the Inbox of your alias account that resets the account.ini file, and duplicates reappear. What I've done now is remove the alias account from the list on the left so it's impossible to mistakenly open it.

    Are you one of the developers of Opera? This seems like a desirable thing to include in next revision of Operamail. Nearly everyone else offers it, and everyone wants it.


  • Are you one of the developers of Opera?


    This seems like a desirable thing to include in next revision of Operamail.

    Indeed. However, Opera Mail isn't being worked on anymore and appears to be dead.