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How many have tried the latest Maxthon browser?

  • So after more than a year of hanging on with v12.1x, and getting tired of all the crashes on Windows 8, I tried a few other browsers. Avant, Lunascape, finally Maxthon.

    Avant immediately got uninstalled, I can't remember why.
    Lunascape I really tried but it was very slow and crashed more than Opera.

    And then I tried Maxthon, and I actually am almost completely satisfied with it. I would say it has 95% of the core features that made Opera such an awesome browser for the last decade (mouse gestures, shortcuts for direct searching from address bar, private browsing, feed reader, There are features it doesn't have that I will miss from Opera v12, namely:

    1. can't put tabs on bottom (used all the time)
    2. can't save multiple tabs as a session (used frequently)
    3. can't do per-site configuration (used rarely)
    4. can't specify how to open certain file types, or configure plugins to do it

    Overall, it is also much less configurable, but I think it more than makes up for this with a couple features that Opera wasn't very good at:

    1. syncs almost everything across machines with a Maxthon sync account (bookmarks, passwords, plugins, settings, tabs, speed dial)
    2. has a cloud push feature which allows you to "send" a tab from your computer to your phone or vice versa to continue reading later
    3. built-in and accessible user agent custom string (Opera's was hidden in opera:config)
    4. so far renders every web page flawlessly

    I know this forum has been filled with people like myself, who prefer Presto Opera to the New Opera, how many have tried Maxthon, and how many think it can replace Opera for them as a main browser? Any tips or tricks to get it to behave more like Opera?

  • Maybe in the future...

    Are there versions for Linux?
    And are there 'localisations' for British English?

    Is it free?
    How long does a version last usually?
    Are there security patches? Are they timely?
    Are there performance updates and are they accurate?

  • How many have tried the latest Maxthon browser?

    I haven't.
    But now, searching for some 'lightweight' alternatives, came across this. It's called Maxthon Cloud Browser there, and I got wondering: is it that the browser itself as a whole doesn't get loaded onto the user's system, but rather stays SOMEWHERE and operates via some - what? connection points?
    What does it mean - CLOUD BROWSER? 😕

  • @joshl
    no, it's regularly installed app, it's just that many user data are in the cloud
    besides usual bookmarks and passwords sync, maxthon users can download files from net to their cloud account instead of local machine....

  • @davehawley

    Maxthon Cloud Browser (previously known as MyIE2) is a free web browser that has improved a lot in its latest versions. It now has a unique and innovative multi-core processor design that can utilize Webkit and Trident.

    [From the download page I used]

    Now what could this "having a unique and innovative multi-core processor design that can utilize Webkit and Trident" exactly mean?
    Is it some hardware requirements or just some "extra possibilities"?
    I mean my hardware is not multi-core.

  • I've just tried their Beta version which is the MX5 and to be honest, they have these new features which weren't really that impressive compared to Opera's features.