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Overlay SD/bookmarks/search interface

  • When you're on any website and start entering something into the URL-bar, then an semi transparent overlay screen is shown with elements from Speeddial, bookmarks and websearch according to the entered search term.

    • If you hit "Esc" you'd get back to´the website you were on before
    • if you hit "enter" a matching SD entry would be opened or if there's none a matching bookmarks entry, or eventually the websearch is called.

    first image

  • And if there's a way to post images here, I could post mockups of what I'm talking about. I just can't get the Markdown syntax to work. Thx in advance!

  • Hi @cgebhard, you can add images in comments, using Markdown syntax as follows:
    ![Alt text]@(http://path-to-image)
    ![Alt text]@(https://path-to-image "Optional title")

    Without the "@" between "]" and "["

    or you can use the img html tag, for that purpose, as below:

    <@img src="" alt="Lamp" width="15" height="15">

    Without the "@" before the "img" :idea: \m/

  • Okay, thank you @l33t4opera! I had tried that code, but as it seems the image couldn't be loaded from the web path...:)

    So here's another try. It's 3 steps:

    1. ...browsing on any website

    2. when you focus the url-bar the speed dial is shown as a semi transparent overlay

    1. entering something (in this case "slas") will result in the third picture
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