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Opera Mini beta for Windows Phone - ready for testing

  • After the update.. Its great!! Everything is great!! 😃 made me smile even though my gf is mad at me.. Lol
    Congrats opera and thank you!!

  • after the today's update i.e. opera is working great. thank opera team for the fix. plz enable to save files in phone and sd card. i am unable to find downloaded files in file manager.

  • plz also port opera mobile for windows phone. i m missing opera mobile very much. plz plz plz

  • single column view makes so big font size only to specific sites like discussions,, and etc.,

    kindly fix text font display and give font size and exit button options.

  • hello opera team I would like to say bitmap font pages in hindi over lap each other and also where is exit button pl update hindi font are unreadable pl fix that and also when we try to reload it gives error some times pl make bitmap font fix and so hindi font update can be given it is not crashing any more

  • Hi, today another update. Since then the Opera is working great. Fast, simple, smooth, looks stable.
    I love the browser.
    It can hold the pages in the memory so when you come back after some time it doesn't need to reload the pages as IE. Unfortunately the page is reloaded on the top, it doesn't reload you to the point where you stopped before (in long forums you have to scroll down and find the point where you stopped).
    No other bug found so far.
    Thank you guys for your hard work.

    Nokia Lumia 630DS, WP8.1

  • New update make OperaMini faster, great and thanks for the effort opera engineer....2 tump ups

  • Finally! today's update makes it work. Now to get some serious testing done...
    Issues noticed so far -

    • Keyboard auto correct does not work
    • Some weird rendering issues; icons on pages being duplicated & sometimes any box for entering username/password may flash( haven't found a reliable way to reproduce this)
    • Unless i'm mistaken, there is no way to save a file to sd card
  • It crashes in Lumia 920 & keyboard (keypad) comes to high even above type screen there by hiding what we type & difficult to see wat we type .. Also in store version 9.03 is shown but in opera mini about its version 7.68 how & why

  • Those who have posted negative comments for crashing issue and given 1/2 star ratings (Both in windows store and opera website) PLEASE RE COMMENT IN STORE AND OPERA FORUM about TODAY'S FIX UPDATE and kindly PROVIDE FEEDBACKS RELATING :


  • Nokia Lumia 920
    OS 8.10.12393.890

    Opera Mini - beta

    Opera Mini beta is really instable today, it crashes if you enter a web address or use a favorite.

  • После третьего обновления 0.9.3 пропал в меню русский язык и стала вылетать.переустановил,теперь вообще не запускается.

  • Hi ,
    Today's update v is stable than previous builds.
    Plz improve the download manager for windows phone 8.1 .
    • ability to download files to sd card.(wp8.1)
    • rotation lock
    • night mode

  • Showing "Out of memory" window

  • lumia 920 - cyan; phone language: german;

    crashing on start when connecting to your servers again..

  • With the new update, Opera Mini, is working good. Im not having crashes in my Lumia 520 with Cyan and Update 1.

    One thing Im noticing now is: before, Opera Mini was in my phone language (Spanish) but now is all in English.

    Improve the download manager because when saving an image, it really does not save it, to save photos I have to open the downloaded photo right after the download and save it from here.

    Thats all I think... the Opera Mini redesign for WP can wait a little.

  • can't install the update !! why ??? lumia 525 wp 8.1 (dev prev)

  • Nokia Lumia 520 whit Cyan update. After insalled new update for Opera mini finally works fine. Not need any changes in mobilephone, my language is on Croatian.
    But, opening pages is on low speed. Not show any video on webpages. Pictures present very fine. For this stage this Opera mini work very FINE. Good job people !!!

  • OK Today's update made Opera stable again.

    Please add in Settings an option so as to view, by default, websites in either mobile or desktop view.

    Also I have to insist on the browser's User Interface. It is ugly if you ask me, or at least it does not comply at all with the Windows Phone UI style rules. I do get it that Opera needs to stay close to its own graphics interface, but this result presented in its WP beta version is totally out of order.

    Being myself for a longtime an Opera - both PC and mobile version - browser user in the past, even if I personally have been used to apprehend Opera browser's PC and mobile versions interface, this time I find myself stressed to use Opera's graphics and interface in such a non compliant environment as WP one is to Opera's.

    I think everything should be reassessed in this very first Opera WP version, including the fonts size and type (Segoe fonts much preferred), the colors and their gradients, the styling of the tables as well as the icons implemented (shapes, colors etc in a wholly flat-needed minimal clean design) etc. This does not necessarily derive in something irrelevant from Opera's appearance guidelines but only an adaptation to the Windows Phone environment so that the user won't feel strange that much.

    Thank you.

  • Now opera goes faster. The only suggestions i can give is the trasparent tile and the possibility to watch youtube videos.

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