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Opera Mini beta for Windows Phone - ready for testing

  • Plis update application force close for lumia 520

  • Plis.. Update application force close for lumia 520 cyan

  • One time this app was working flawlessly. Could browse any page. But after exciting, nothing : will not open anything.

  • Вылетает при старте 920 8.1
    update 1

  • The application is great now, the bug that makes it closes and stops responding to commands over, at least for now. Thanks!

  • İumia 920 update program aşp throwing

  • Closing after update, fix this please.

  • Same as others have said not working on Lumia 925.

  • I am getting a lot of crashes. I'm using Lumia 1520 with cyan. Also, the web page that I was able to load looked much less sharp than when using internet explorer. Kind of like IE is in high def and opera is not. The biggest problem is the crashes. I tried to copy and paste this web page into opera and is caused a crash so I am writing this using IE. I even tried loading the one web page that worked again, but it crashes instead of loading. I don't know what is wrong with it.

  • Hi guys,

    Here's my device and preview:
    Nokia Lumia 520
    WP 8.1 Developer Preview (8.10.14157.200) (Lumia Black update)

    And here it goes.

    First, let me say I haven't used Opera Mini since v4 or 5 (old Symbian phones) since I prefer Opera Mobile so I had to install it on my Android phone to make a side by side comparison first.

    Till a few hours ago, Opera worked fine. It loads fast (I didn't even knew it has a loading screen before reading in the comments) and it loads pages fast. The data savings works great (got a 88% savings so far) but unfortunately it seams to be crashing now on eBanking websites I use and not only. Also, be aware that Opera Mini isn't the only browser that has data savings. UCBrowser does this (I'll probably use UCB as a comparison point since it's considered the best 3rd party browser in WPStore)


    *The interface is UGLY. It simply does not fit on WP. I understand the fact that you need to keep the same UI on all platforms but WP is different in terms of UI and so are the apps available for it. You managed to create a simple and clean interface on Opera Mobile. I don't see why you can't do it with Opera Mini.

    *Fix the font rendering issue. Fonts are horrible and make reading stuff a nightmare. At least on low end devices.

    *The search bar is useless. It should be integrated within the address bar to save space and make it look and feel more clean.

    *You are missing Bing. Yeah, 80% of the market uses Google but some might want Bing for various reasons. And given the Windows Live account and Cortana integration, I'd say many do.

    *Ditch the title bar. It uses up space for nothing. We all know we're using Opera Mini.

    *Add adjustable speed dials, just like Live Tiles are. It's the WP trademark feature and you are missing it. UCBrowser has it.

    *Add posibility to select between Mobile and Desktop version of website (User agent on Opera Mobile). I don't see why this wouldn't be possible on Opera Mini. Some websites are 'unviewable'/unusable without a mobile version.

    *Proper download section with SD support

    *Night mode

    *(obviously, the less important thing) Transparent tile

    *NOTE TO DEVS - Bring Opera Mobile to Windows Phone 😃

    That's it so far.

  • Hello download the updated version on my lumia 925 wp8.1 update 1 and I do not open the app :awww:

  • Hi!
    The app doesn't open.My phone is a Windows Phone 8.1,Lumia 720.

  • Hi,,
    I can't open this apps after install in my phone Lumia 620,,,

  • It crashes before it can start up.
    Lumia 1520 WP 8.1 8.10.14157.200

  • Not working. When I open it shows spinning wheel with white screen and then returns back to my home screen. This happens every time. Was working before the update. Hope you are working to fix it.

  • Great news from my favorite mobile browser!

    I'm testing on a Lumia 925 (unlocked 3UK) with the latest Cyan update.

    Opera doesn't open. When launching I see the splashscreen with a spinning wheel on top left then it closes.

  • This is great! Looking forward to this.
    App crashes in next 2-3 seconds after starting on my Lumia 1250
    (OS versson 8.10.12397.895 and Firmwarw revisison nrumber 02061.00066.14253.40002)
    (Hardware revisison number
    screen resolution 1080x1920.

    need more info, send me and email 🙂

  • Hi am Nokia Lumia 720 8.1 DP - OS 8.99 - Bulgaria I changed the language to English and it works, good old and always distinguishing it from others is great, but ... Until I met a secure connection - I opened Facebook and crash and returned to the Bulgarians again and charging.

  • I'm running opera mini on my Lumia 920, which has Windowsphone 8.1 update 2, Lumia black. I can open the app but that's about it. The app shuts down when I try to use Google search, or enter a website address into the URL bar.

  • After 2 seconds shutdown. Lumia 520 w8.1