Uninstall Opera

  • Hello,
    I need some direction in uninstalling opera. I plan to re-install later, but I'm working on something now and want it gone for the moment.
    I can't find a dmg file, which I hoped would have an uninstaller, and nothing in the browser either.
    Looking through the 7 pages here, I didn't find a topic that addresses this.
    I am running a macbook with 10.7.5 onboard.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • To remove the Opera application:

    1. Open Spotlight and search for “Opera”
    2. Hold Command and click on the Opera application
    3. Drag it to Trash

    To remove user-data:

    1. Open Spotlight and search for and open Terminal
    2. Carefully type the following followed by Enter: rm -rf ~/Library/*/com.operasoftware.*
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