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Opear TV store not loading (Sony Bravia TV, and Tivo 4 series)

  • I am trying to load the Opera TV store to get to the URL loader so we can test an app.

    I can't get past a loading screen, left the TV alone for 20 minutes, still on the loading screen (hourglass). The progress bar in the top right does fill up on the Bravia, but the screen never changes.

    I have checked other apps (Techcrunch and Netflix) and they load normally, so I don't think it's a connection issues. I've disconnected the power supplies for 5 minutes, nothing works.

    Any ideas? Is the Opera Store just down right now for these devices? (It loads fine on my laptop...)

    Thanks for any help!

  • It was a short temporary situation and everything should work again.

  • Hi,
    i write to you because i am little bit worry, and would like to share with you the "why". I bought a Sony Bravia TV last year, a KLD 40HX750, not the newest model but an acceptable one. I really like my TV.
    I have had heard of Opera products in the past and i must say that while i have not used them before i generally got good reviews about them.

    As a matter of fact i was somehow happy that my TV came with the Opera TV Store software intalled on it. But since i bought it, i have expercienced a lot of troubles with this software. I have tried every single thing posted on the internet to make it work right (tried the reset thing from Sony, connection issues, everything!), my internet conection works great, i can even surf the web through my tv with no problem.
    Yet, for some uncomprensible reason the Opera TV Store software has an stocastic loading system, it just sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t (load). And i know is not my ISP, my TV or anything like that, because everythig else works just fine. This means that the problem is not in my TV per se, it is somehow, something in the implementation of your software (and yours alone) in Bravia TV’s.

    I don’t know if i should blame you or Sony for this inconvenince but thing is (and this is why you shoud be worried), it is your company’s name on it and you are having a lot of bad publicity from this kind of problem. I need not to say that in this very moment you are having a lot of competition, IE, Mozzila, Google, Android, Mac and prettie much half of the internet companies arround. So the last thing you need is a lot of products with your software in them, failing all arround. So i strongly suggest you try to solve this problem because i have been reading a lot of complains about this issue(and others), and not only in “old” TV models like mine, in 4K TVs too. So yes, i am a little bit worried (and upset) about all this, and i think you should too. I sincerely hope you solve it.

    As last words, I am truly sorry if this seams like strong words against you, but that is really not my intention. What i truly, really, indeed want, is that you work with Sony people if necesary... and solve it, it’s been a while since this issue was reported (not just here, everywhere, google it! sorry not my best joke) and it’s not been repared, just do it.

    Kind regards,

    P.D: Sorry for grammar horrors and any other thing, this is not my first language.