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  • Hi guys, with Opera 24 when you put the mouse in an inactive tab now we have a big preview of that tab, and for the way i use Opera this is really annoing for me, I prefer the previous mode with the small preview. Is there a way to change this back?

  • You can disable previews altogether (Settings (Alt+P) -> Browser -> User Interface -> Show tab previews), but there's no way to downsize them.

  • Yes thanks, i just saw this and i had to disable it but now i don't have another feature from the old Opera. Opera 12 was more customizable! I should be allowed to choose the two modes, big and small preview :S
    Do devs read all our complains? Because i see a lot of people talking about the old features of Opera 12.

  • Now i see that Opera announced this new feature as an easier and faster way to find tabs, but it takes me longer than before, before i focused view on the tab and the small preview was next to that tab, now i have to re focus my view on a big preview wich takes me more time.

  • You're wasting your breath.
    This has been discussed to death over at the Desktop Team Blog. That's the way it is for now. Like it or switch it off 😉

  • I don't see any big discussion there. 😕
    I hope devs talk about this, i think it's a mistake to force us instead give us the power of choice when it's not hard to implement something.

  • Devs don't care any more what the users actually want. 15 years ago, they would listen when you gave input, but now that they're rocking a 1.8% market share, they don't have to listen to the people that have supported them through all these years. They do whatever the hell they want, and if you don't like it, so what. Because, really, what's losing 1% of your customers when you already have so many? Why be innovative? Just take away features people liked and replace them with garbage.

    It's sound business logic.