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[Suggestion] Change position of Close All Tabs in menu

  • Good day, dear developers!

    Seems like this version of Opera has the same terrible problem main Opera had.
    It's about tabs pull-down menu.

    Dangerous buttons like "Close other tabs" etc. should not be positioned near "Close tab" button or any other frequently used button.
    It's a missing click problem. Which happens. Once in a year, and user quit using this browser as a totally unprofessional software. Because our open pages is what's important for us.
    Everyone knows, occasional closing of 500+ tabs in browser is a total catastrophe, disaster. And of course you know, stupid suggestions people say on forums like "Use reopen last tab" don't work on 100+ closed tabs. Because system don't remember so many tabs.

    This happens since some people use hunderds of open tabs. Using browser like a notepad.
    And of course it happens that most important tabs are the oldest ones.
    Because the process of "cleaning opened tabs" consists of steps like (finding if the page is still important and closing it otherwise). So the older the page, the more times it avoided cleaning and the harder is finding it in history etc. Unfortunately.

    One of probable solutions may be moving these dangerous buttons to some sub-menu, just to avoid random clicking.
    Buttons that operate with many tabs, like "Close other tabs", "Close tabs on the left", "Close random number of random tabs so that I wouldn't know" should have some protection against being activated occasionally.

    Again, I would describe the scenario.

    1. User tries to click "Close tab" in pull-down menu.
    2. Something happens and user make click on "Close other tab". Is it due to system lag or glitch, is it someone distracted user or touched his/her hand, it's not important at this point.
    3. At this point situation is following: not important tab which has to be closed is open and all other tabs which had to be kept are closed.
    4. At this moment neiter user can increase amount of closed pages remembered in options menu, nor can he/she install add-on to remember last session pages, nor anything else preventive. Pages are closed. Most importantly those opened long ago. Disaster.

    Personally I had such catastrophe 3-4 times. And it was hell.
    Thank you for understanding!