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Ugly Bold font displays on Various webpages including facebook. Please help!

  • Hi,

    I have a bit of a dilemma here. I'm still using Opera 12.17 for certain things like Dragonfly, bookmarks etc, but Facebook and other sites are very slow on Opera 12.17, so I use Opera Developer 25 for Facebook and other sites. About 1 month ago, sometime when Opera 25 was released, the text on facebook has started displaying in an ugly bold font and I can't figure out why. The text is normal in Opera 12, so it's only happening in Opera 25. Does anyone else have this problem in Opera 25?

    I'm using the same 2 browsers at work and it does not happen there. At first I thought it was adware or some sort of virus, but I've used a number of scanners and cleaned up as much as I can. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and made no difference.

    I've gone deeper and debugged the stylesheet and if I turn off the font-family:helvetica style in Facebook's stylesheet then everything goes back to normal. I'll say again, this does not happen in Opera 12 or Chrome or any other browser.

    Here's a screenshot:

  • Opera 25 DEV has a problem in rendering some fonts on Windows OS. May be the font properties of TrueType fonts are not retrieved correctly.
    I found these problems on some websites rendern wrong font or with incorrect substitute font.

    Wait until next Opera DEV, may be its fixed. 😉

  • Thanks for the info!

  • If you want stable quality use the stable version, not Developer or Next (beta).

  • I'm still having this problem, any suggestions?

    I tried installing Opera Next stable version but the same thing happens.

  • I finally found out what the problem was here so I thought I would post the solution in case anyone else comes across this situation.

    Firstly, I noticed this problem happening on internet explorer 11 as well while I was testing a site I have been working on. It was the only other browser displaying this ugly bold font. I switched back to Opera to debug and noticed the font family specified in the CSS was Helvetica Nueue, Helvetica, Arial, Sans Serif.

    Helvetica is not a windows font by default but I remember installing a Helvetica based font which I needed for a recent project so I checked my fonts folder and found the only Helvetica font I had installed was 'Helvetica Black'.

    I uninstalled the font and boom, everything back to normal, thank goodness!

    It seems like if a font family is specified which is not installed on the computer New Opera and IE will use the closest font within the specified family instead of going to the next best font specified like Arial or Sans Serif (Which is what I would expect it to do).

    Hope that made sense.