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decrypt email passwords from log files

  • Hello all,

    I have 2 accounts of which I don't remember the passwords but they are stored in opera.

    So I edited the accounts.ini file to create logfiles and now when I look at them I have at the apop out line something that looks like an encrypted version of my password.

    How do I decrypt this ?

    Apparently there are some paying apps that do this (and some free ones that do the wand.dat passwords) but I'm sure it's a pretty straightforward procedure and someone can explain here...

    thanks for the help

  • See this page. In the SMTP log (other logs won't have the password), you'll see the password as base64 data. You can then use and base64 decoder (online ones for example) to decode that data and get your password.

  • Ah, thanks, I just tried to log the incoming and it did not work....

    But now i log the outgoing and of course on to the next problem, it tells me there's no authentification...

    03/09-2014 08:25:33 SMTP OUT :

    03/09-2014 08:25:33 SMTP IN :
    503 5.5.1 Error: authentication not enabled

    03/09-2014 08:25:33 SMTP OUT :

    03/09-2014 08:25:33 SMTP IN :
    503 5.5.1 Error: authentication not enabled

    03/09-2014 08:25:33 SMTP OUT :

    03/09-2014 08:25:34 SMTP IN :
    503 5.5.1 Error: authentication not enabled

    03/09-2014 08:25:34 SMTP OUT :

    03/09-2014 08:25:34 SMTP IN :
    250 2.1.0 Ok

    03/09-2014 08:25:34 SMTP OUT :

    03/09-2014 08:25:34 SMTP IN :
    250 2.1.5 Ok

    03/09-2014 08:25:34 SMTP OUT :

    03/09-2014 08:25:34 SMTP IN :
    354 End data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>

    and so on....

    what can I try now ?


  • Try port 587 or 465 with TLS enabled. Make sure authentication is set to "auto" or plain. Or, try port 587 or 25 with TLS off and auth set to plain.

  • We're getting there 🙂

    On the "sofisticated" account I got it, it was set to use 587 and TLS and all I needed to do was to force the authentication to plain and I got my base64 thing which I could transform to normal stuff...

    Now on the older accout which is set in 25 and NO TLS and NO authentification when I try to send it with 25/TLS/Plain it does not send it and with 587/TLS/plain it kicks me out of the smtp server....

    i'll try the various possibilities and report but in the meantime if you have a trick 🙂

    Thanks for the help

  • So.....

    On the old account I can use any port and i have the same results.

    Ticking the TLS makes the mail NOT being send

    Unticking the TLS and setting the password to "none" makes the mail being sent perfectly.

    Unitcking the TLS and setting the password to anything else (cram md5, login or plain) brings the popup box saying the mail cannot be sent because the user data are wrong...

    What can I try ?

    Thanks a lot

  • For the old account, since you're using 25, and authentication, it sounds like you don't need a password at all. There might not even be one set for the SMTP server. But, try 465 + TLS + auth=plain again and check the log. It probably won't help though.

    You can try changing the SMTP server to one of the other accounts' SMTP server, use 587 + TLS and see what happens. But, I doubt that'd work.

    You'll probably have to use wireshark to capture your network traffic to see the incoming server traffic for the old account. Depending on how you connect to that account, (port 143 + auth=auto + TLS unchecked for example), you might see your password in the raw data. Or, it might be base64-encoded like in the log. If using TLS though, you'd have to look up how to decrypt SSL traffic with wireshark to see your password.

    The alternative is to use the "forgot password" feature for your email provider and or contact them.