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Everything is bigger after updating to Opera 24

  • Well, I don't bother if you do. I'll tag every one of them as duplicate then; makes my feature request look more demanded 😛

  • "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera Developer\launcher.exe" --alt-high-dpi-setting=96 - this help for me. Thanks!

  • Well I'm glad it's finally worked for someone other than me!

  • @davehawley: Hi Dave, this works also for me on Windows XP/7, and Linux, but I use it for different purpose :whistle: 😉 Anyway thanks for your tip \m/ 🆙

  • That command line switch only works above opera 24, so in current beta and developer release.

  • Well I'm glad it's finally worked for someone other than me!

    Yeah, it works well... if I start the browser with the shortcut. But when i'm clicking on a link in Thunderbird while Opera is closed it opens with the big, bad scaling. We need a real solution.

  • As I said earlier, running Opera with a "--alt-high-dpi-setting=96" switch fixes it for me, both the display of web pages and the size of the Opera UI elements.
    I'm on Windows XP at 1920x1080 with "large" (120) DPI setting.
    If this isn't working the cause must be something different to what I'm experiencing.
    Although this annoying "feature" is by design, I've filed a bug report about it too!

    THANKS A LOT!!!! Man you are made my day. Hell no< you made my month! )))
    OMG I've been struggling for few months and switched to Chrome due to this BUG. And yes christoph142, that's not how it should work. And I don't care how long you are going to explain "this is a feature" in retarded Micrsoft "users don't need Start button" way, because EVERYTHING used to word perfect before Opera 24 release and it f*cked up my Opera browsing experience. While EVERY SINLE App and browser works just fine.
    I really hope developers are going to do something with that, but as I can see Opera 26 for developers has same issue. That's very frustating.
    Sorry for my struggling english 🙂

  • Released Opera 30 and the problem persists, it's so frustrating! This same issue happened with Firefox some versions ago, but it could be fixed doing some tweaking with config to change page content size and installing an add-on to change UI size. Unfortunately this solution is not available with Opera, so the only (partial) fix I've found so far is to set default zoom to 80 %... but, wait, there is no 80 % zoom setting in Opera! Only 90 % or 75 %! Frustating again!

  • By the way, "--alt-high-dpi-setting=96" also works for me (Windows XP at 1280x800 with 120 DPI setting), but not when I click directly on a link included in an e-mail or document... So please, Opera guys, be kind and implement a fix enabling to do this tweak easy way, for instance, including the ability to enable/disable it in "opera:flags". Why not?

  • Anyway, a reply on this subject from Opera developers would be very appreciated...

  • Anyway, a reply on this subject from Opera developers would be very appreciated...

    The Opera devs don't reply to questions here very much. Your best bet is to ask the questions in a Dev blog post soon after it has been posted.

  • I think Windows XP DPI scheme is inferior to more recent versions of Windows. It's likely you'll have better results if you upgrade your system... XP support won't last forever and as you can see this haven't been "fixed" until now...

  • @rafaelluik, problem is not in XP. Problem is that such DPI setting for browser should be configurable inside it (in settings or at least in flags), not by external command line.

    Another problem is that Opera doesn't allow changing its UI fonts size AND its content scaling (at least on XP, but likely in newer windowses too) is buggy. I would like to see Opera menus/tabs using windows fonts at DPI, set in windows (120 for me everywhere), but content (esp flash, but images suffer too) rendered at 96DPI - no way currently.

  • Another question: as I said earlier, the "--alt-high-dpi-setting=96" command line solution works fine for me when I run directly the Opera "exe" file or shortcut, but unfortunately doesn't work at all when I click on any external link (for instance, a web address in an e-mail message) that opens automatically the browser.
    So my question is: does anyone know if there is a way to tweak with the Windows Registry in order that command line instruction could be always enabled in all cases, including opening the browser through external links?

    Anyway, as donq wisely says, I keep saying too that "such DPI setting for browser should be configurable inside it (in settings or at least in flags), not by external command line".

  • You could append the switch to all the Opera command lines in the registry, but it is very likely that this would have to be re-done every time Opera updated itself.
    It was asked many times to make this a user configurable setting option, but this was never done, and I suspect now that it never will be.

  • Then what about launching a massive campaign asking Opera devs "Please, be kind and implement this feature once and for all"? 😕

  • What OS are you running?
    AFAIK this is only really a problem in Windows XP, and I'm afraid that XP support has been officially dropped with Opera 37 anyway, making it even less likely that the problem will ever be addressed.

  • XP, but if you read this post you'll see users running other Windows versions & experiencing same issue.

  • Hey - just downloaded Opera - what a great browser! Takes the old XP in its stride no probs - UNLIKE Chrome that seizes it up and warns you like a broken record that there's no more updates and that you're totally out of time. I do have another computer with the newer MS but it won't take Word 6, Photoshop 5.5 and video editor programs that are so much faster and better - ask any professional. Still, the newer programs help to reduce unemployment because it keeps people occupied longer following the nerds' conundrums.

    Opera is fast, good and big. Too big? Am I missing something here or did you guys simply not adjust the Menu-zoom?

  • As I said earlier, XP support is dropped as from version 37, although unlike Google, Opera have said that they will continue to maintain version 36 with security updates for XP (and Vista) users.
    The problem described in this thread is actually the Opera UI elements (maximise/minimise buttons etc.) being rendered too large, and that cannot be fixed with any controls AFAIK.
    Vivaldi us the only browser I've seen where the browser UI elements' size can be changed independently of the size of the window contents.

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