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  • The Dev channel has been updated to 77.0.4023.0 ;-)
    New Opera's flag #pinboard - disabled (work in progress)
    Enable Pinboard support.

    The #dropdown-suggestion-buttons-tab-focusable is enabled in this version (ready to test it).
    Allows focusing buttons in address drop-down suggestions using "Tab" key.
    You can find more information in the blog post.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-92160 No icons for Tabs from another device.
    - DNA-92355 Turn off extensions and content filtering, when green badge is visible.
    - DNA-92391 [TabSharing] detect if a "Google Meet" page can present a tab.
    - DNA-92407 Tab title is shown twice in synced tabs.
    - DNA-92455 Amazon extension icon should not be available in "Private Mode".
    - DNA-92479 Hide Amazon button doesn’t work.
    - DNA-92466 Address bar drop-down suggestions circle shown as a square.
    - DNA-92553 Video pip controls are not clickable.
    - DNA-92294 [Win] unwanted black border around the pop out video.
    - DNA-92561 [Mac] Add hover state to address bar icon.
    - DNA-92493 Crash at opera::OpenTabsSuggestionProvider::RequestSuggestions(opera::SuggestionInput const&, bool, base::RepeatingCallback const&).
    - You can find other improvements in the change log.
    Chromium is updated to version 91.0.4449.6.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • New update - 77.0.4028.0 ;-) The blog post.
    New Opera's #video-conferencing-popout-tab-sharing - disabled (work in progress)
    Adds a sliding toolbar for sharing tabs in video conference services.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-92276 Unable to resize window with detached tab.
    - DNA-92338 [Search tabs] the preview isn’t updated, when the tab from another window is closed.
    - DNA-92408 Add Configure shortcuts menu to Extensions in Sidebar setup pane.
    - DNA-92545 Music on tab is not auto played after pasting the link.
    - DNA-92423 [Mac] quit the browser doesn’t close detached window.
    - Few crash fixes - more info in the change log.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • A quick, new update - 77.0.4032.0 `;-) The blog post.
    Two new Opera's flags:
    - #player-service-control-panel-scrubbing - disabled (work in progress)
    Improves "Player Service" control panel by allowing to use the progress bar in a more dynamic way.

    - #search-tabs-visual-changes - enabled (ready to test it)
    Several visual aids for the Search tabs feature.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-92483 Automatically detach tab when switching.
    - DNA-92693 ‘Re-attach tab’ overlay is not resized with window.
    - DNA-92710 Auto-update on MacOS 11.3 is not working.
    - DNA-92786 Fix JS wrapper callback condition.
    - Two crash fixes - more info in the change log.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • New build - 77.0.4046.0 ;-) The blog post.
    "This build brings an improvement to creating Workspaces. You can now choose from emojis, to describe your Workspaces and make your browser even more fun and personal."
    New Opera's flags - disabled by default (work on progress):
    - #disable-media-indicator-in-power-save-mode (Windows only)
    When enabled and browser works in power save mode, media indicator animation is disabled.

    - #system-theme
    Make Opera graphical theme follow the system's: Mac, Windows.

    The flag #tutorials is enabled in this version (ready to check it out)
    Enable sidebar button opening Opera Tutorials page.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-92880 Improper behavior while workspace switching after DNA-92483 integration.
    - DNA-92881 Automatic tab detach does not occur, when opening a new tab.
    - DNA-92969 ‘Recently Closed’ section miss the ‘X’ button.
    - DNA-93007 Improve thumbnail generation.
    - DNA-93070 [Search Tabs] selecting items with cursor keys skips over content matches.
    - Few crash fixes - more info in the change log.
    Chromium is updated to version 91.0.4472.19.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • New update - 77.0.4051.0 ;-) The blog post.

    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-90395 Assertion failure in "" on startup.
    - DNA-91951 SkipAds click by default with the Ad-blocker on Youtube.
    - DNA-92242 Google DNS queried on resolution failure with the VPN enabled.
    - DNA-92938 opera://activity page ignores Workspaces.
    - DNA-93129 opera://sync-internals is not working.
    - DNA-93046 Installer install path: input is reset when typing.
    - DNA-92714 [Mac] Worskpace switching lags with lot of tabs.
    - You can find more changes in the change log.
    Removed Opera's flag #easy-files-more-files.
    ☕   🖖   🍺