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Tab Snoozing happens even with setting disabled

  • @gizmogadget Well, your "new" tabs theory is looking pretty good, GG. As per the above post, I restarted Opera, opened my eight favorite tabs, left them running all night and, some ten hours later, none of them has snoozed. Your workaround extension seems to be getting the job done. I'll check back in if that changes. Thanks again for your time and help.

  • @bigskytroutbum Thanks for your reply, just got back home. Glad it appears to be working so far.

  • @gizmogadgetBad news: Just had two episodes a few minutes apart on this web page which I'd opened only about a half hour earlier. I discovered the second episode upon returning from ten minutes away from the screen. Neither time did I get the "disable tab snoozing" button option at the top of the screen, and each time the page refreshed easily, but they did nonetheless snooze.

  • @bigskytroutbum I opened your link and left it for 16 mins, clicked on the tab it was ok and not snoozed.

    Not sure if you know this already, you can monitor what the current state of the discards are by typing opera://discards into the address bar - I was watching the Last Active time and Loading State of your site to see if it snoozed, but as it didn't the only info that changed in there was the Last Active time, so no clues there.

    I use uBlock Origin ad blocker, do you use any blockers at all?
    As well as uBlock, I have the built in ad blocker turned off, and block trackers turned on, Block third-party cookies selected (on), and Do Not Track is on.

    Update: I left the tab open while typing this reply, and twice it had not snoozed after another 18 mins + 13 mins.

  • @gizmogadget Thanks. Clearly, I've got something else besides the new tab snoozing bug factoring into this. I run AdBlock Plus, in addition to the on-board Opera ad blocker, Ghostery, and Privacy Badger. Probably a little overkill there, but I've been running all of them for years with no problems. I already had trackers blocked, but discovered I only had 3rd party cookies blocked in private mode; turned on blocking of 3rd party cookies entirely.

    Actually, your extension is working well enough that I can live with the status quo. These tabs don't snooze often enough to be really annoying and they refresh very easily, usually just by rolling the cursor over another part of the page. Just seems like more work than it's worth to go through all these various add-ons and extensions to finally pinpoint the issue. That Rolling Stone site is one that I might visit twice in a year, and my everyday sites are behaving very well. So I'm going to call this good. Thank you very much once again. I'll continue to have an alert enabled for new posts on this forum, if anything new surfaces and the mystery is finally solved. Who knows? Maybe the Opera people will finally take an interest in debugging this new, unneeded and unwanted feature. Just seems like they might have taken a look to see if it actually worked after releasing it.

  • @gizmogadget thanks, I did try the extension and it helps. It doesn't completely cure the problem, as I've had a couple of instances where tabs were snoozed regardless (I don't leave a computer or Opera running overnight)..
    Like you, I also run UBlock Origin, have 'do not track' enabled, third party cookies disabled (and have been working with computers since the 1980s!).
    It's a shame Opera can't make the 'disable' setting work as it would save us a lot of time, effort and missed messages.

  • @wickedaunt It's difficult trying to replicate the problems other people are having with tabs snoozing, did you read through the earlier posts where I mentioned "the extension marks new tabs as not to be snoozed, it won't work on tabs that were already open"?

    The PC tower I use has 16GB of ram installed, so I may be not getting any tabs that have to be snoozed because of low memory. I have an old laptop that only has 2GB of ram, I am going do some tests on there to see what happens, plus I can leave it going for longer as I am not using it. Will report back.

  • Well I did some tests... on the laptop I updated opera and installed the extension. Then opened 6 various tabs including Rollingstone, Amazon, Ebay, BBC News, I then left it going for just under 4 hours. On clicking each tab none were frozen.

    OK I thought, maybe it hadn't run low enough on memory to do anything, so I opened a video converting program, windows explorer, plus another 6 tabs including YouTube, then left it for 30 mins.
    Now when I clicked on the tabs they weren't frozen, but it sometimes took 2 ~ 3 seconds to redraw the tab. If I clicked along the row of tabs they would load up, and you could go back a few tabs ok but if you went right back to the first one it had to redraw again.

    I think this shows that it is very dependant on what hardware you have - ram, processor, graphics card memory & how many tabs you are clicking between as to whether you notice this happening.

  • After I upgraded from 74.0.3911.75 to 74.0.3911.160 for Windows x64 I had a couple of problems, and doing a clean installation of 74.0.3911.160 cured those. There is one problem, however, which I noted in ...75, and which is still present in ...160. It is impossible to permanently disable tab snoozing. Turning off the setting "Snooze inactive tabs to save memory" does not work - tabs are still snoozed.

  • We are obviously not going to get any satisfaction in this matter. It appears that the developers of Opera pay no attention to user complaints. For years I have used Opera for a number of specific purposes, but if a setting to disable an unwanted function does not work through a succession of revisions and after multiple user complaints I do not have to put up with software that does not work correctly. There are other browsers. Goodbye, Opera.

  • @dalehcook Yeah, I'm about ready to bail also. After saying a few days ago that the frequency was minimal enough that I could live with it, it's started to get considerably worse. My Gmail page now snoozes after about ten minutes of inattention, and I know from experience, i.e., an overnight account freeze, that Google takes a dim view of excessive sign-in/refresh activity. It really does mystify me why the Opera people can't - or won't - make this very simple fix.

  • I don't know if anyone did give up on Opera, I am sticking with it, the pros outweigh the cons.
    I was looking through the opera://flags/ to see if there were any other tab settings in there that were causing problems, I came across this setting: 'Calculate window occlusion on Windows'
    I googled it to find out some more info, there are a lot of stories on the issues this caused, here is one link:
    In Opera 74.0.3911.218 it is enabled by default.

  • @gizmogadget No, I haven't actually left yet, GG, despite all my grumbling. Like you, I take a "compared to what" attitude toward this and I remember all the stuff I got tired of on Firefox and Chrome (Internet Explorer was always out of the question.) I did discover recently, however, and should have posted in case people didn't know, that it appears that the only tab that snoozes is the one that is selected, i.e., showing on the screen. Unfortunately, it happens pretty consistently with that tab, whatever site is involved. I'll look into that link you posted. Thanks again for all your work on this while the Opera people are still MIA. I gather this must be a part-time, side job for them.

  • I have clicked, "Disable tab snoozing," so many times, but it doesn't Disable it at all...

  • I might have found the cause of the problem and its solution. I urge all of you to try this. Because turning the "Snooze inactive tabs to save memory" switch off did not fix the problem, I tried turning it on. Opera has now been running for more than an hour with three inactive tabs, and it has not snoozed. If I am correct then the function of that switch is the reverse of what it is supposed to be.

  • @dalehcook Never mind - I was out of the house for a few hours and when I came back it was snoozed. I hate it when developers break their software. I give up - goodbye!

  • Tab snoozing comes from Chromium, so all Chromium-based browsers do it. See if you want to complain.

  • Yes Opera is Chromium-based, but it is open source and should be up to the developers at opera to change this code as they see fit, not just skin it with their own interface and blame the underlying code. I can see the point of keeping it the same as possible to chromium, but when features start to be become too intrusive or plainly don't work, then something should be done about it.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Hi Opera.

    Been generally happy with the browser. Until, it started snoozing tabs. What is the point of purchasing gigs of memory to keep my tabs active you the browser keeps snoozing them.

    The are so many use cases for having tabs stay active, but primarily, i don't want to keep having to log into my security cameras because you snoozed the tab. Its not only inconvenient, its down right infuriating. stop it.

    Guys, come on, I have actually started looking for a different browser now, i would rather not switch, but you are forcing my hand, and I never forget, and I never forgive.