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Opera 23 Help - Shockwave Flash Plugin

  • Okay, Opera 12.x is growing more and more unstable and unsupported so I was mostly forced to switch the Opera 23.

    It's... a struggle.

    I'm coping with the loss of many features in this new version of Opera the FauxChrome interface but getting by.

    I get that this current iteration of Opera gives each tab its own process but the combined usage of all of the tabs seems extreme. The combined Memory usage of all the tabs I currently have open (a whopping 6, a slow day for me.) comes to ~1,555,000K, which usually when it got to the point in Opera 12.x I needed to close the browser and re-open it in order to get things running smoothly again.

    So, does Opera 2x have memory issues? The fans in my tower sounds like my computer is running a relay race or something.

    I also continually get a pop-up error message about a Shockwave Flash plugin slowing my browsing.

    All and all, it seems the only thing I've gained in this switch-over is that some websites are now loading better in a newer browser but it feels like I've lost a lot more in the switch over.

    The loss of certain features and such not much can be done about until/if things are done in future versions.

    Right now I just have two problems:

    1. Why is Opera 2x such a resource hog when it comes to memory? None of the tabs I have open are from demanding web pages and 6 tabs would barely get Opera 12.x or my computer to break a sweat.

    2. What's with this Shockwave Flash issue as it seems to be causing me a deal of performance problems?