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  • [Mod note. Reason for closing: duplicate topic.]

    So, problems were beginning to mount with Opera 12.x mostly as Google's interface reverted severely as they stopped supporting the browser and I began to have more and more Flash and Java issues. But, ugh, this new Opera is kind of a step backwards for browsing, much like Chrome is.

    Who thought it was a good idea to get rid of having a bookmarks folder? Is it really better to have a handful of bookmarks in a tab bar or displaying a handful of them at a time on a start page than it is to have a drop-down menu with folders containing dozens and dozens of bookmarks? Because that's what I have. DOZENS of bookmarks.

    All gone in Opera 2whatever.

    Luckily I still had access to my old Opera 12.x program with the bookmarks still in it, but I cannot stay in this much longer as support for it fades more and more away into the ether of the Internet.

    I love Opera, have loved it for the better part of a decade now. Have avoided Chrome because I don't like the interface of it but, sheesh, Opera, get your game together.

    The program and look of it I can deal with. But WHY GET RID OF A BOOKMARKS FOLDER?!

    Oh, and all of the trouble I spent a couple weeks ago getting Google Mail to work? Apparently for naught as it's not in Opera 2whatever? Because the mail key opens up Windows Mail? Huh. Odd.

    Sheesh. It's radical jumps and changes like this that make me want to quit the internet.

    Am I just missing things in the new Opera in how to use it like a old-school browser with, you know, menus and folders and such? Because.... I dunno. I think knowing my folders and links for bookmarks is better than a handful at a time in GUI with screen-grabs of them.

  • u can use new opera also ,it all working their ..
    but some fag bad gui clone of F**k chrome ..

    even i am trying to move to opera 23 . but if they add password synth and old school menu bar on top ..

    i hope u also agree with me . 🙂