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google search problem with opera 12.17

  • my opera 12.17 google search back to old style
    And cannot search by image

  • my opera 12.17 google search back to old style

    Me too! It happened to me ten hours ago and the situation is not solved. It seems to me a matter about Javascript.

  • Hy, apparently I have the same problem. When i hit i got 2013 old style version redirected.
    How i can solve this problem, thanks.

  • Until they fix this (and let's hope they will) you can use "Mask as Internet Explorer" for
    Right click - edit site pref. - network - browser ident.

  • Sorry lads, we have to face it: We must leave 12.17. It's going to produce more faults with every new day. It's outdated and there is no solution to this!! Try Maxthon or perhaps slimjet of FF+extensions.

  • On 08/28/2014 the Opera Google Search Results Page changed for me as well. It's old school and library looking. Firefox and IE retain their usual appearance, the change is only in Opera. The font in Google is not only plain and harsh on the eyes, but there is also no sidebar. Like whenever you search a celebrity, there are always pictures and a synopsis on the right side of the search page. This is now missing in Opera.

    Also very interesting, is when you search a WORD DEFINITION, which I do frequently. In Opera it's these static, numbered definitions only, while in FireFox and IE it's the familiar drop-down, expanding box form, which shows synonyms and usage examples. Also the Google word definitions in Opera are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than those showing on other browsers. The definitions strangely aren't coming from the same Google source.

  • BTW milija's suggested temporary fix (edit site preferences) totally WORKS.

  • BTW milija's suggested temporary fix (edit site preferences) totally WORKS.

    Not for me. When I start a search, the screen appears totally disordered.

  • "BTW milija's suggested temporary fix (edit site preferences) totally WORKS."

    Not totaly, the "search prediction" stops working when you mask it as Explorer.

  • Found a fix for this!

    Go to "opera:config : User Prefs" and copy this line:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/31.0

    to the "Custom User-Agent" field.
    Don't forget to click "Save".

  • To get arrow buttons to render correctly, add this to user style for

    .action-menu {
        display: inline-block !important;
  • Apparently this is not an Opera problem but a Google one, it is reported elsewhere by people using other browsers as well.

  • atharip, may know how to add the user style for

  • Guys, the problem is obvious.... Google changed their layout to all non-Chrome browsers because they want everyone to download their Chrome.

    It's been happening to all browsers, not just Opera.

    Look what happens when you're on the main page, it pops a little window at the right upper corner saying "Download Chrome".

    BTW, milija's solution works.

  • Thanks mxxxw, your solution works perfectly for me.

  • MXXXW - this WORK GREAT (windows xp SP3, opera 12.17 )

    I have normal google search page and
    now again working " similar image search " extension

    THANKS very much

  • MXXXW, your fix works! Fine!

    I wonder how/where you have found that solution (it's not simple either).

  • Go to "opera:config : User Prefs" and copy this line:

    This solution will mask your user-agent for all sites, it can produce more bugs than it fixes!
    The only perfect solution is to pat#ch Opera. Open opera.dll with any hex editor, search for a string "Firefox", replace "Gecko/20100101" to "Gecko/20140101" and "Firefox/4.0" to "Firefox/250". Now you can use "Identify As Firefox" only on selected sites.

  • Tamers' fix works fine, with the upshot that mask as ff now masks as a recent browser which is nice. Thx also to Atharip, those arrows looked crappy like that, much better.

  • Using patched opera.dll + masking User-Agent string as Firefox (the new version of this) for (via Site preferences) is the most flexible solution.

    Also, i'll recommend to install Antibrowsersniffer extension (for Opera 12) to mask Opera via JavaScript/Navigator. Install Antibrowsersniffer (for Opera/Presto):