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Spell checker: *major* annoyance...

  • Hi. First things first, I love the Opera browser and I'm grateful for the hard work that goes into developing it.

    The built in spell checker can easily skip a misspelling. How? Let me explain...

    A misspelt word does NOT get marked as such if you ONLY put a single space after it (obviously by pressing the space bar once). This can easily happen e.g. when you're in a hurry.

    Is this a bug?

  • It's easy to reproduce this bug in 3 ways...

    Method A

    1. Misspell a word
    2. Press [space bar] ONCE only

    Method B

    1. Misspell a word
    2. Press [Enter] key ONCE only

    Method C

    1. Misspell a word
    2. Don't type anything after it

    Can you see how easily a misspelling could be posted online now? This won't look good when something needs to look "professional"!!

    1. The following space - in LANGUAGE - should be followed by another/next word.
    2. If there's no space, there must be a punctuation mark.

    So, if you follow these larger structure rules first - try seeing if now it'll work...

  • No, not always.

    If you are typing a list of items or poetry, you don't add punctuation at the end of each line. Titles don't have punctuation at the end.

    To solve ALL of the spell checking problems, the Opera spell checker could flag the misspelling after a 0.3 second delay of no keyboard activity or when at least once space has been added after the misspelt word. Simple.

  • I can't edit my previous post now, but I forgot to add to that last sentence that the Opera spell checker should also flag a misspelling after a punctuation character has been added.

  • If this new Opera's based on Chrome, it's been that spell-checking sorta stopped working in my Google Chrome quite long ago, and I disabled it. So...:rolleyes: