Please keep the Stash option as well

  • Please bring back the stash option. I use it to store temporary bookmarks like shipment tracking from postal office or some link for few days, It comes very handy for those kind of links which I dont want on my bookmarks permanently.

    Please bring the stash option back.

  • You can create a Temp folder for that, either in the bookmarks or in the Speed Dial.

  • I agree with saudiqbal. Other browsers have extensions for such things, to temporarily save a site to read later. It's one of the things I like about the new Opera. With all of the other Opera 12 stuff removed, it's a nice/unique feature that should be kept.
    But the stash does a good job with it too, search and nice big preview images.

  • the "stash" feature was definitely a good addition; and it should be brought back.

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