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Please, I need features of CLASSIC FAST STABLE OLD BUT BETTER Opera! (Newer Opera, after Opera versi

  • Please accept my humble obeisances (as we usually say ;-), Hare Krishnas)...
    I have to tell developers of Opera, that I am unhappy with their new choice to make Opera based on Chrome.
    I know Opera software since 90-es, and since that time I used Opera as my main browser for probably some 10 or even more years!
    Yes! Opera was always best - it was better than IE, or some other alternatives. At that time there were very few other alternatives, and I didn't like Netscape, or newer Firefox. So what has changed now? Almost nothing! IE is still crashy! Firefox is also! And we have new Chrome - and it is also crashy as all other (other than old STABLE Opera v12) browsers! And now Opera made a BIG MISTAKE: they made Opera build over Chrome (am I wrong?).
    And this can be ... "suicidal"for Opera. One thing I don't like about Opera is that it becomes more red in color - and I really want to change O letter to any other color. Red color is color of blood to me, so this is very sad. And it becomes even more sad - new Opera browser - last few versions after making Opera built on Chrome engine - it becomes feeling like Blood + crashy chrome.
    Yes, and another thing I liked about Old Opera (maybe it is till around version 12, I wonder why you change new versions numbers so fast? other browsers don't make it so fast) - it could very easily change css styles of pages. Well, I almost didn't used features like "pre-defined css user files" built in into Opera, but I made my own - simple black (or lighter dark colors like gray) background, and some light gray color text. And it was just good. I could use internet for hours, many days - day after day, month after month, for years. And it was just good! And then Opera made something wrong. I don't know what happened to Opera. Well, yes, Android came out, and Google also created Chrome. That's true. And it is harder to compete also with Google. But there is one good feature of Opera: Opera is best for READING, SURFING LIGHT SITES... - FOR MOST CASES! I compare from time to time Opera (I mean old Opera) and other browsers - and whenever I go to some websites - they always crash, unlike old Opera. Because old OPera was good - it was built on some stable old (you can say classic if not old) Opera engine.
    And new chrome engine is really buggy. and IE is always buggy as well. There is also Safari, but that is also not so fast. Opera classic (old till v 12) was fastest. And I liked it. And you removed the best part of Opera... Why ? =-(
    Old Opera had many nice features (which are gone in Chrome-versions after v12) -
    - To change text size (make font size bigger) + make width of page fit screen. It was great! And why it is gone now? it is too bad! Chrome engine can never be better if you throw away those wonderful features like "fit page width to screen"+"easy font size change".
    - fast. Yes, Old classic opera v12 was just faster. And newer Opera is not fast at all.
    Ok, now let's think - what Opera gives now as alternative to Chrome? almost nothing! I mean if Opera means "Opera build on Chrome" - then it is no better than CHrome. At least for one reason - Chrome has many extensions - like "high contrast" - to make colors on screen look nicer. Opera doesn't have such addon. BUT IT HAD! I QUESTION DEVELOPERS - WHERE IS IT? WHY IT IS GONE?
    I consider Opera - classic old ver 12 - to be some browser which takes best from world of Server software - which doesn't care about too much graphics - but cares about productivity, stability, reliability of browser - which should work for 99% of sites. And Old Opera v12 really worked well for that. Now it is gone... =-(((( why??? Do you force me to use old Opera instead of your "new version"?

    Or maybe... It means - there is no need for any further update for Opera? Maybe it means that Opera is now... PERFECT? Then don't change it! Just make it stable (version 12 etc.. but wait - ver 15 and so on - are even worse! slower and crashy!). Take all those features which are good in Chrome, and put them into old classic Opera engine. if not possible - make Opera "text browser"- but faster. I think it must be possible.

    I like Opera because it was the only browser which runned faster than others.
    It always saved my tabs when I close browser. Even if Opera CRASH - TABS ARE SAVED. AND no other browser can do that!
    But now when Opera is based on Chrome engine - it doesn't matter. Chrome is crashing, Opera is restarting, and it becomes... "neverending cycle"of restarting... and if I add to all this... impossibility in Chrome and Opera-new - to change as easily as in older versions CSS and colors - ...then why make new Opera???

    now I really think of backgrading to Opera-12, and never update it to some "newer" ("better" ) versions of Opera... I'll just use Opera-12 (old classic engine) for most work, and use Chrome and other browsers for anything else - if Opera doesn't open some sites. that's all. I don't need your Chrome engine in Opera!!! I don't need it as it crashy, buggy! AND it is slow! I need FAST browser! please give me back old CLASSIC OPERA engine! don't force me some new SLOW AND BUGGY CRASHY Chrome engine in Opera, because it has very few features for color change... Yes, css addons in Chrome are just "joke". that doesn't work as good as in OPera-12.

    So, developers, I downgrade to eternally perfect Opera-12, and say goodbye to any your "newer versions"baseed on chrome.
    Sorry for that, but you commited suicide by changing to Chrome.
    If you want still to ressurect - listen to my advice - go back to old opera. at least for desktop. Or...
    Make TWO OPERA's - One - Opera Classic 12+
    and Second - Opera-Chrome based. let them coexist.
    But don't suicide your Opera classic engine. don't make it Chrome based.

    remember my words. You'll regret that you changed your fast and stable opera classic (till v 12) engine - into crashy Apple/Chrome engine.

    There is absolutely no joy in browsing internet with any newer engines after Opera version 12, no joy in Safari, no joy in Chrome. Nothing.
    And Opera is taking joy away from Opera... Suicide.

    Opera commited suicide when it rejected Opera 12 engine... What a mistake!
    I know there is a browsers war... But as warrior, you should know what is a biggest mistake - to consider friend an enemy, and consider enemy as friend... You made yourself - your own engine Opera 12 classic engine - your enemy - and commited suicide, and made Chrome/buggy Safari your friend, but they - Google and Apple will kill you, Opera! Well, I like Steve Jobs, he wanted to kill Android in his nuclear war against Google... So I don't want that Opera also die in that war, being friend of buggy Google Chrome...

    Opera engine had nice features, own character. Why did you reject your own identity? I tell you! this was SUICIDE!


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