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Allow extensions on mobile versions of Opera

  • Opera developers, please support extensions on Opera Android browser (as Firefox android browser already supports).

    Many useful extensions that we, users, use on the desktop, could be used on the mobile.

    For example: I use uBlock Origin to access news websites with paywall (on opera desktop). The default adblocker for the Opera android app is not enough for websites with paywall.

    Other example: I use extension to download video and music from and other websites on Opera desktop. I cannot use it in Opera android browser.

    So please support Opera extensions on Opera android browser.

  • @pinportal i agree with you, it would be great to see. I would like to view pdf files in my android opera browser and instead asking developers to add this feature i could simply download it from opera extensions webshop

  • I would like to see a more robust experience on mobile, which includes extensions. These days, phones are powerful enough for pretty much everything a standard user needs, so why not browser extensions. Come on, Google or Opera!

  • Please add support support for opera addons and chrome web store extensions why can't you ADD extension support but Mozilla did.

  • Opera for Android still doesn't support extensions? I want something like Dark reader, it would make Opera a perfect browser for me.

  • Here is my vision of adding extensions to the opera.ustawienia.png
    Appearance in settings.👆
    start look.png
    Appearance in the "start menu".👆
    The appearance of updating.👆
    Removal appearance.👆
    p.s sorry for sloppiness in my work and Polish but I did not have time to do it better.

  • Yes if extension get Opera Mobile, Opera Mini and Opera Touch.

  • I too would love to see extensions come to Opera for Android. I use my tablet like a laptop and would love to have that access to Grammerly, Drive, and other extensions I use on desktop verions there too.

  • Add extensions in opera beta android

  • Why doesn't opera add-on support for mobile come from? yandex browser, kiwi browser plugin support is available. Lastpass and so on ! Screenshot_2019-11-15-21-26-04-608_com.kiwibrowser.browser.jpg

  • @brop I have once submitted this idea to the Opera. Does it enable this option? I do not know.

  • Good day.
    I come with a proposal to add extensions support. It would greatly facilitate the use of the browser.

  • Many websites have popup videos and other things spamming I can't stop. Will add-ons be added in the future to stop this?

  • I see that this suggestion comes up every once in a while, and I would like to continue this tradition. I've been browser jumping for a while now, looking for the most suitable one, and Opera is coming in strong. So, without further ado, I would love to be able to use Chrome extensions, like they are supported on Kiwi browser and Yandex Browser.

  • Man, adding extensions to the mobile version would make the Opera browser just about perfect! Wish there was some news on this topic. It looks to be nearly the highest requested feature.

  • Yes, this is the most popular function request of current users