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Is it possible to disable "Force Dark Pages" for browser extensions?

  • Re: [Request] Ability to disable Force Dark Mode for Extension pages

    I love the feature "Force Dark Page" for automatically forcing pages to dark mode since it saves me from the piercing blindness of white mode pages. My eyes are eternally grateful.

    However, a big problem arose. Not only is it possible to force dark pages on websites, but apparently it also automatically forces browser extensions to go dark too. Now, that doesn't seem bad at first, except for the fact that some extensions weren't built with dark-mode in mind, and when they go dark, so does everything else within it.

    The entirety of an extension goes dark and I'm no longer able to see options, buttons, and I have to guess-click as to where everything is, which is super annoying. It's as if I'm in a dark room, feeling my way around, hoping to finally feel where the light switch is at; how annoying!!

    Furthermore, I can't simply right-click them to disable "force dark page", since it isn't a webpage, to begin with!

    My question(s) is this: is it possible to disable "force dark page" for browser extensions, but keep it for everything else? Is it possible to pick-and-choose what remains dark and what doesn't, or is my only option to disable force dark page entirely?

    Replies are greatly appreciated.

  • I'm not sure if you've already managed to fix it or not, but I had the same problem and only just fixed it then. What I did was go to configure force dark mode, and added the URLs of the extensions to disable pages. By right clicking and choosing 'Inspect popup' for my extensions, I was able to find the URL for each of them at the top of the tab, and then add them to disable pages individually. However, if you can't copy and paste the URL, you will have to memorise it unfortunately.

  • @kuriboi1 yes it is in the top right of your screen under the X is 3 lines click that and scroll down in the menu