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  • Here you can post comments about Netflix™ Extended extension, created by Martin Suchy

  • its buggy, its keeps turning on and off when using Netflix but i did play around with the stuff and can say that its working

  • @juicenoob Hello, do you see any error messages from extension in console? Extension will try to recover itself if some serious errors occure or if updated. What have you changed to make work? I test it on Opera regularly and it worked all the time. What Opera version are you running?

  • i liked it good job , especially imdb ratings works fine.

  • very good works perfectly

  • I like the function "hide the disliked titles". I would recommended that "hide the Liked titles" too, except if it is in the list. Because it would much cleaner look and give me more space and opportunity look unwatched titles etc. I got tired if see everyday same liked/watched titles over and over the display.

  • @dirkie: Hello Dirkie,

    I already replied on your suggestion on Chrome Extension store. Here is what I replied:

    There already was a suggestion for this option. Unfortunately this feature is not possible at this moment. With disliked title Netflix changes its UI into gray scale which is clearly visible within code as well. This is not true for liked titles. Netflix in no way changes anything about liked title and therefore there is no way to determine if title is liked or not until you move your cursor over the title and like/dislike button loads up. This would mean that you would still see your liked titles until you move your mouse over it and then it would disappear. Such behaviour would be on one hand pointless and on second confusing.

    Sorry for inconvenience, but until Netflix changes this behaviour in their UI there is nothing that I can do.

    Have a nice day,

  • @kayanatsumi thanks for explaining. I really hope next time netflix will have such feature. Keep good job. Appreciated much.

  • Does anyone know if they've updated something with Netflix? No matter what extension I've tried it never skips the intros anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • @riggzo Hello Riggzo,

    Netflix recently rolled out new player UI and most of the code on page changed. This is the reason many extension currently don't work. I have already published a fixed version of extension to all extension stores. Currently, new version is waiting to be reviewed by someone from Opera. I hope they will approve this extension soon.

    Have a nice day,

  • @kayanatsumi That sounds fantastic! I appreciate the response.

  • @riggzo: Hello again,

    unfortunately it seems Opera has again stopped approving extensions. Many developers are complaining that nothing is being published. I already published two version from 09.09.2021 and both are so far ignored. Extension support on Opera is extremely pathetic compared to other browsers, some developers are waiting over a year to get their extension reviewed. It's quite sad.

    Have a nice day,

  • @kayanatsumi that's unfortunate to hear. Where Opera allows Chrome extensions to be added on, would your version of Netflix Extended version from Chrome work on opera?

  • @riggzo Yes it would, extension is developed to work on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera at the same time.

  • @riggzo: Hi, after some complaints on Opera Dev forums the version 7.0.2 has been released.