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  • I'm new to this Opera mini 19 and its features. I'd like to know how to stop "Discover" from pre-loading content.
    While you're at it, you could also tell me how to bookmark a page. The only thing I see here is how to put a page of speed dial.

  • Hello and welcome,

    current stable version of Opera for Android is 22, and if that is what you are reffering to, then it is not posible to disable Discover traffic. As long as you don't go to discover and scroll it, it will just fetch a small number of article previews to fill your device height (so you won't see a white screen there) - nothing more.

    You can't bookmark a page in typical way. You can put it on speed dial or create a folder there and throw pages there.

  • That is so wrong. Are they (Opera) doing whatever they like because it's a free browser? I should decide if I want discover to load content or not. Anyway, I guess I can switch to a previous version where I have more control.

    Okay. Thank you.

  • I think tha problem is only one thjng: thay are making ther "ideas" and new features mandatory.
    It is not just opera, have a look at google apps, skype, facebook apps.... if some idiot @sshole from any division (mostly stupid marketing employees) has a a deviant idea, developert put it into a prodoct, without any option to enable or disable it.

  • @evilmonkeylib Exactly, bro. It's really bad.

    I hope Opera staff are reading this. They should really take a cue from UC browser. They've got 400M users, Opera has 169M. That tells you something; UC considers user feedback in most of their decisions.

  • @bpydzinski Look

  • I really hope that this is going to be fixed soon.

    Using Opera Mobile Classic as my phone does not support the new Opera Mobile, but if I had a newer phone this alone would be a deal breaker for me to keep using the Classic.

  • Okay. Alright. 🙂

    You hate the fact that one can't turn it off, right? @leevi

  • @bpydzinski Okay. Is there any version of Opera mini that can bookmark a page in a "typical way"?

  • For the time being, I'd also like to know how to create a folder where I can throw pages to. Thank you.