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  • I installed Opera without Flash Player and youtube Videos run with html5. Then i installed flash Player (because other sides required flash) and Youbube Videos start with flash, not with html5. Even if i forced html5 on

    Problem is that flash videos sometimes stop while playing or he is loading and loading and nothing happen, that sucks. I have this problem on two several systems. However with hmtl5 all run fine.

    So how i can forcing html5?

    Windows 8.1 x64

  • -What Opera version are you using?
    -Are all 3 videos playable on this page
    -Does this page say the latest flash version is installed?

  • Extension, magic actions for youtube, options, force player type, html5.

  • ... or Bing search engine results.

  • It's very strange. Just for 5 minutes i updated flash player (the update came automaticly) and now youtube videos run with html5, i tested many videos, all run with html5. I checked on a other website if flash is installed and it isn't. Very curios. Obviously the update has disabled flash.

    Opera Version 23.0.1522.75

    Forcing html5 in Magic Actions i have tried for many months. It's no use.

    EDIT: After reboot, youtube start videos with flash 😞


    Just as flash were disabled and youtube videos start with html5, the second and third video were playable, but not the first one.

    Now, after reboot, flash is enabled, NO video is playable.

  • The first video is encoded in h.264, the codec used in Blurays and high quality videos. Only Firefox and Chrome can play it, although i think Opera did want to add support for that someday maybe. Anyway this looks like a mess to me sorry. I would go to Control Panel and reinstall all Adobe stuff. Provided you didnt install a virus by an accident, there are alot of malware pages mimicking flash update screens

  • Yeah, I see that Opera 23 64-bit will not play h.264/MP4 videos. I tested in SeaMonkey, and SeaMonkey plays it.

  • Ehm, i have to repeat myself: When i disable Flash the youtube Videos run with html5. Without problems. So my problem has nothing to do with h.264. Opera can play hmtl5 VIdeos, but when flash is installed Opera plays only Flash.

  • The point is that Opera isn't yet adapted to, playback of HTML5 video to the end. I read somewhere that the test is forced to use Firefox's HTML5 player, and the current one continues to display in Flash. So it probably depends on the YouTube page and soon Opera by default will also be played on this player.

  • Exactly your problem isnt with html5, its with flash. Lets see

    Flash didnt work before, "for many months"

    You installed something from somewhere claiming to be "Adobe Flash"

    Adobe page says there is no flash installed

    suddenly other media (not flash) stopped working

    The solution to that is to go start\control panel\programs and features and uninstall every Adobe browser plugin. Then reinstall them directly from the adobe page. Well it isnt a real solution, but it might work and doesnt cost anything.

  • for h.264. enable flag at